Mental and Physical Strength

When asked to identify myself I first think of what I enjoy to do.  The one major thing I think of is weightlifting.  Going deeper into weightlifting, I realize how it can be an analogy to life.  When the average person thinks of weightlifting they may think of “bodybuilding” or see it as “exercising” or “going to the gym.”  People may relate it to having the goal of trying to look better physically or build their confidence.  For some people this line of thinking is completely accurate and defines weightlifting for them.  For me it’s something else.  To me weightlifting is not something I do for anybody but myself.  I lift because I love improving myself.  I train to improve.  I train to get stronger.

The best way I think I can sum up life is by using the passion I have for weightlifting.  So how can weightlifting be used as an analogy to life?  The stages of weightlifting relate to the different stages of life.  In the beginning, most people start out “wanting to get big.”  They get a gym membership, they put on athletic apparel, grab a water bottle, and go to the gym.  They have no clue as to what they are supposed to be doing.  They may see in a magazine this huge, vascular, and muscular man curling a dumbbell and think that if they curl dumbbells they should look like that.  Similar to life, we start life when we are young and really have no guidance.  We do what our parents tell us to, we do what our teachers tell us to in school, and we do what our friends do.  As time goes on we learn.  We research and we learn.  We look up what exercises work what, and which days to these movements and which days to do the other movements.  Like life, we are constantly learning.  We all know the saying “learn something new everyday.”  Growing up in life and in the gym, we are evolving ourselves.  Putting time and effort into the gym and seeing results physically is similar to studying for a test in school and getting an A.  You get that A and you are happy. You know if you keep studying and putting in the effort you will see results which will make you happy.  For me, the rewards of improving in the gym are well worth the time.  For example, let’s say I train 10 sessions diligently and on the 11th session I go for a personal record lift, the moment I get that PR lift it just keeps driving me to do better next time.  Those improvements feed me to keep training. I know I have improved.

Weightlifting, just like life, has it’s ups and downs.  Some days I go into my gym and don’t feel like lifting.  Maybe I am tired physically or mentally and that causes me to just have a mediocre day in the gym.  That next session, I am feeling good and revved up to get training and I have a great day.  Life is so similar where somedays you just feel “blah” overall.  Nothing really going on, maybe the weather is sub-par or maybe I am just tired, and I just have a below average day/mood.  The next day, sun’s shining and I have a good day at work for example and make good money and I have a great day and am in a good mood. The gym builds mental toughness/strength as well as physical strength.

One main thing about the gym that I enjoy the most is that the gym never changes. Life is always changing. New people, things, electronics, etc. The gym always stays the same. The weights weigh the same every day. The gym is like a sanctuary from life.

So to conclude this relatively long post in my attempt to be creative. I’ll give you a little more info about myself, as noted, I truly enjoy weightlifting, going on vacations (have been to most of the typical spots, Mexico, DR, Bermuda, Jamaica, and then to Arizona and California), anything competitive, playing any sports, and most of all sitting on the couch, watching TV, and relaxing with my fiancé.

Please feel free to ask any questions and comment. Thanks for reading.


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