Hello world!! Wow, here I am, a first year student at a MAJOR, like I’m talking HUGE,university introducing myself to a very large audience for, what very well may be, the very first time. Hmmm, where to start, where to start?!?! Okay, I think I got it. Here goes nothing…

I’m from South Jersey, born and raised( yes, that was a Will Smith reference; big fan, big fan). I have a mom and dad, obviously, whom I love dearly, and a younger sister who, while extremely irritating, is my best friend.Oh! I forgot to mention that I also have an all black German Shepard and two cats… thinking about it, we kind of sound like the stereotypical American family.Take it or leave it.  Moving along, we have a two story, Victorian style house( I never knew what this meant but that’s always  how my mom described it, so its kind of a habit by now) located smack-dab in the middle of farm fields(You should smell the manure that fills the air during the spring and summer; I guess its something you eventually get used to, I have to admit, I’m still working on it though) . I went to Catholic School for all twelve years of school ( uniforms, nuns and all), and I am SO thankful to finally be out from under the constant wrath of whoever is appointed to babysit me at any given time(Hazzah!).   When I wasn’t concerned about making sure my shirt was tucked in, my skirt wasn’t too short,  who was going to drag me from school to my job at the local farm market (farm town guys, I told you) and when the next time I was going to be able to see my boyfriend( 3 years this past September!!!!) was, I was preoccupied with concerns about my competitive cheerleading team. And that, my friends, is a-whole-nother world in itself!

I started competitive cheerleading when I was six years old and never have looked  back since.  Cheerleading itself was a motivator, it gave me a sort of natural high. To this day, I can still picture and smell( yes, I said smell) how the gym was walking into three hour practices, 3 times a week and how the arena was when it was time to impress (the lights, the mat, the uniform, the hairspray… truly an experience). Those memories will last for a lifetime and the medals and jackets even longer( of which I have won two CHEERSPORT National Championships, and competed in the World Championships twice, both times with full paid bids)I cherish those memories and accomplishments, as they have gave me everything I need to succeed in life: passion, motivation, dedication and, most importantly, confidence and self-belief. I honestly believe( as if I would ever lie to you guys) that without cheerleading I wouldn’t be here today. But here I am, at Rutgers, writing this blog…and that is something I am truly thankful for.

Here at Rutgers, I feel I grow everyday. I’m on livi ( who doesn’t love us?)  and being an “other”  in a health and medicine learning community, I have learned a lot about my aspirations. I’ve changed my major to Communication with a minor in Health and Society, and hope to eventually work with organizations that promote Sexual Health(my dream job would be working for Planned Parenthood… a girl can dream I guess). In addition to that, I am currently applying to be an RA; I even made it to the second round of interviews( Whoop, Whoop!).I’m super excited about my future and cant wait to start life! So excited in fact, I have all my courses scheduled so that I can graduate with my Bachelors in three years ( Hello Class of 2016) and then complete my Masters in two(some people think I’m crazy, but what’s so wrong about being ambitious?!?!) So I hope that from this little tid-bit about my life I have made it clear that I am a small town girl, with big  dreams( so cliche, I know!) and that I’m willing to work through whatever life throws at me. Life is a process and I’m excited to learn and grow… hopefully it throws something interesting at me some time or another!! But enough about me, I want to learn more about you!! You guys tell me, what are your hopes and dreams, what are you guys all about?


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