My crazy, beautiful life

Samantha Leighton


To most I’m just Sam, to a few I’m Sammie, and to the crazy people I live with (my wonderful roommates) I’m Slammie.  I come from Williamstown, New Jersey but I usually just tell people I live 5 minutes away from Rowan University.  There are eight people in my family: my dad, my mom, my older sister (Taylor), her husband (Mike), myself, my younger brother (Bobby), my dog (Fudge), and my cat (Smokey).

My family is very close and very obnoxious.  My parents always say that the one thing they love to brag about is how close their kids are.  We are all very close, this is true.  My brother is my best friend in the entire world.  We’ve always been very close and there is nothing that makes me happier in the world than knowing my best friend is my little brother.

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My life is defined by change, although I claim that change is the things that scares me the most.  I dislike the idea of change but looking at my life and what excites me I realize I’m a pretty diverse person and I guess that’s interesting to some people.

When I came to Rutgers it was a major change.  But I was blessed with an incredible group of friends who have helped me form a second family up here.  Though we argue and bicker when it comes down to they are my comfort zone and they are the people that will send me pictures of puppies on my saddest days.  I’m actually convinced that Kelsey and Kelly (two of my roommates) are my soulmates, we are the weirdest people in the world together and most people find us either really entertaining or extremely obnoxious.  Really to sum it up, Rutgers is the best thing that’s happened to me so far in my life!


I’m a pretty passionate person- so if you asked me to write about what makes me really happy and why that shapes who I am I can’t.  I get really excited over the little things in life.  But other than my friends and family there are a few things that make the top of the list:

I’m a die-heart Patriots fan.  And no it is NOT because Tom Brady is hot.  When my brother was in kindergarden and I was in second grade we decided we wanted to pick our own favorite teams- we randomly selected.  He picked the Broncos and I picked the Patriots.  So yes, if at this point you were wondering, it was WWIII in my house during the AFC game this year and I was sad.  I take watching the Patriots to a whole new level (my roommates refuse to watch with me) I yell, and scream, and cry, and overall turn into a whole new person.  Not only am I a Patriots fan I am a huge fan of the NFL and sometimes it really freaks my guy friends out.  I’m pretty cocky about it too and if you get me started on fantasy football I become the biggest shit talker in the world.

I am a runner.  I ran cross country and track all throughout high school and I currently run half marathons.  Running is a big part of who I am.  Running really shapes your mentality.  Oprah once said “Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.”  My mental game has changed drastically because of my passion for running and I truly believe that the way I think and how my brain functions lies in the fact that I am a passionate runner.

I am a building manager at the Cook/Douglass Rec Center and I devote a lot of my time towards Rutgers Recreation.

I want to teach and I am so very passionate about Education all over the world.  I truly believe that Education is the key to so many doors and without it one is locking themselves out of a life full of happiness.

I guess that pretty much sums up the more serious parts of my life, but here are the fun, quirky facts that make me who I really am.

I have a guinea pig named Harvey and I am actually obsessed with him


I am also obsessed with my dog Fudge and I can’t speak to him in a normal voice.

I won’t eat my food if it’s touching

The best days are days when the windows are open

I strongly dislike the word hate but if I ever say “I hate you” I really, really love you

I can’t sleep without this disgusting, old, dirty, beat up pillow that I’ve had for years

My favorite word is nugget

I want to be Erin Andrews

If I am what I eat I would be a twizzler

I’ll be satisfied with life if I have a wrap around porch, a labrador retriever, and become a marathon mom

I am 20 years old, my brother is 18 and we still get into actual fist fights

I watch an ungodly amount of sitcoms

I am obsessed with Miley Cyrus

I’m a self-critic

I love to fish and I say everyday “I’d rather be fishing”

I also love to camp

I’m still in love with the Jonas Brother and I’m also in love with One Direction

(I just love boy bands)

Lana Del Rey and Of Monster and Men get me through EVERYTHING

I love Napolean Dynamite and can recite almost the entire movie

 I don’t like telling people I’m an English major and getting the response “oh, so what’s your favorite book?”

I LOVE pictures and I am definitely that girl that says “Let’s take a picture”

I guess I could keep going but we have all semester to get to know each other 🙂



  1. You seem like a big family person and that is quite an admirable characteristic. I too, am a really big family person and can relate to everything you said about your brother; me and my sister still knock each other around a few times a week(when I’m home anyway). Also, I really liked your comment about “it being a good day when the windows are open.” I’m sure you did not mean this as metaphorically as I am taking it(and if you did, kudos) but I read it as if you were saying the best things come from an open mind. So thank you for that advice, its definitely something I will keep in mind. I look forward to reading more of your posts and the hidden advice I might find within them!

  2. Just from reading this post I could tell how important friends and family is to you. I met a great group of girls who helped ease my transition in to college. I too, consider these girls to be my soul mates. We definitely have some things in common and I can tell the memories you’ve made in your childhood and while at school will never be forgotten

  3. I loved reading your blog! I’m from South Jersey too and I can totally relate to you in terms of the football and fantasy thing. It’s cool that you picked the Patriots so randomly and they’ve had such a successful run in the past decade or so. The list of “quirks” you added at the end was a really cool touch, too! 🙂

  4. Your blog was very well written and I enjoyed reading it very much. Although I do not like the part about where you said you were a die hard Patriots fan since I am a die hard Giants fan! But other than that its a great thing to have your younger brother as your best friend since I consider my older sister my best friend! I am just as close to my sibling as you described it. And in conclusion the list you made at the end was very informative. I look forward to reading more of your blogs!

  5. Your blog is awesome. I really like the end where you put small statements about yourself, and the statements were creative, like what food you would be. I also liked how you did reveal personal aspects about yourself, which makes the blog interesting. You were able to keep the reader focused and intrigued. I think that that the serous parts and laid back parts of the blog balanced each other out really well. I think this also show a lot about your personality. I also wanted to say I also get the similar question when I tell people I am an English major. The other questions are “So you like to write papers?” or “What do you want to do with your major?”.

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