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In second grade, we were assigned to make little pamphlets about ourselves, for the purpose of I don’t know — proving our sentience or something. I didn’t hand it in. I felt like I was wrong for doing the assignment, despite having been assigned to do it, and despite having already finished it. The bottom line: talking about myself made me really uncomfortable.  It still makes me uncomfortable. All that’s changed is that I now have enough willpower to stop being a big baby and just hand in the assignment. Also they let me vote now, so that’s pretty okay. I want to preface this post by saying that if I ever, and I mean EVER come off as facetious or disconnected it is because I’m actually very uncomfortable, like right now for example. I’m not trying to justify it. It’s something I am aware of and am trying my very hardest to correct. Anyway…

I’m trying to make it big as an animator/cartoonist, but I’m majoring in computer science as a backup career option. Rutgers doesn’t offer animation degrees, which is some bunk garbage, but what can ya do? I’m also going for an English minor because bookz r fun. Here’s a shaky-lined drawing of myself that looked funnier in my head.


My weird cartoons are on my youtube page if you want to see them. Don’t expect masterful or brilliant work — I’m an amateur, but I am trying to get better by drawing constantly.  I feel like people appreciate realism and painted work more than cartoons and animation. Often, people think that a crude or simple style means the artist is lazy or unskilled. I remember my parents criticizing “Ed, Edd, and Eddy.” They called it “horribly drawn,” and I had to explain to them that it was just stylized, and that someone practiced for years to master that style. Not to mention, animation isn’t just about the way it’s drawn, but also the way it moves. Someone could record a minute of dancing and draw over every frame of the footage (a technique known as rotoscoping), and the result would probably be boring.

In animation, things don’t move realistically, and it’s not because of some flaw but rather, completely intentional. Many animators could create realistic drawing and movement, but choose not to. Most of the time, stylized non-realism is more fun to watch and to create. Imagine if people held other media to the same standards. What if all writing was perfectly realistic? Imagine: no sci-fi and no fantasy. No one would write love stories anymore. And keep in mind, I love me some King of the Hill. The style is boring and semi-realistic, but it suits the show perfectly. If Hank Hill had big anime eyes that would be weird. I mean, I’d still watch it because that could be great in it’s own way. The show just wouldn’t be able to take itself seriously. It would also be funny if SpongeBob had a hyperrealistic human face, but again, the show wouldn’t work without being ridiculously self-aware.



And now you have sufficiently met me. I am a cloud of art philosophy and pop-culture trivia and it’s nice to meet you.

Here’s the source of the hyperrealistic face that I photoshopped onto that SpongeBob.

Here’s an important short film:

Here’s the complete Talking Heads discography:



  1. Hey man, I wanna start by saying how much you should be proud of yourself. You have this goal for yourself and you’re sticking to it. Animation isn’t an easy path but I’ve seen you work so hard in it for the last few years now. I know this isn’t the most fair judgement considering I’m your friend but you have to know that you are getting that much closer to your goal everyday. Even your comfort problem has improved. Yeah you still got a whole lifetime of improvement ahead of you, but just look at how better off you are today than you were 3-4 years ago. Keep up the good work Jesse.

  2. Hey! I’m an English major too because you’re right, bookz r fun. Thats great that you have a goal and ambition outside your major as well. Most of my interests fall within the literary. Writing, reading, poems, thinking, etc. I’d like to delve into an equally creative but slightly different endeavor like animation. I admire that.

  3. Kudos to you sir on your work and passion. I know nothing about art or cartooning/animation but I respect your work and what you’re doing. I find it amazing what people can do with photoshop and other programs to create or alter pictures. I hope you meet your goals one day. Maybe your YouTube account will help. We know of many people who make it big coming off of YouTube. Good luck my man.

  4. Great post, very interesting reading it. This was very inspiring as I went along. I hope you keep continuing what you love to do. In the end it’s your life, and do what makes you happy. Also I think books are fun too . Keep doing your thing, and good luck.

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