Blog Post of Myself

I’m Kate Devine


Writer, learner, traveler, intrigue chaser, risk taker, trier of any and all things new

Messy desk,  fragments of poems, mildly reckless

blog 11

Will always open windows despite the cold

And keep curtains apart to welcome light, ideas, and inspiration


Grew up on the beaches of central New Jersey

Surfed a bit, tanned never, waitressed every single summer

Served a lot of lobster rolls to sandy tourists


I can, have, and will wander through nature for hours

In the past year I dipped my toes in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans,

Mediterranean Sea,

Hanakapiai Falls,

and the Manasquan River.


I am a Zumba instructor, runner, shameless dancer/groover,

Plus, I make a great grilled cheese


Red hair like my father’s,

Face shaped like my mother’s,

Indecisive like my father, I hope just as hardworking and kind,

Sense of humor like my mother, I hope just as gracious and wise,

The oldest and shortest daughter with three incredible siblings


When in doubt I remember two things…. “be a feeling” and “don’t sweat the small stuff”

blog 5

Once I studied Spanish language and poetry in Barcelona for a few months

Still working on my Spanish conversation

And perfecting my paella


Feminism gave me the language for something I could always feel

Although the controversy, at times, makes my head spin

Between the work I have to laugh


(^Gloria Steinem and I)

My writing appears in The Rutgers Review, Plangere Culture Lab, and Her Campus

Poems in Objet d’Art and Outrageous Fortune, sometimes I’ll read them aloud


I’d like to travel across the U.S.

After graduating

This May…

Then write, or grad school, or teach, or start a business, or make an app, or maybe learn to fly


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