No Pain, No Gain

“When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, then you will be successful”  -Eric Thomas

I put a lot of pressure on myself not to fail in any aspect of life.  I love taking on a challenge and proving someone wrong that tells me I “cannot.” Some days are more difficult than others, but I refuse to give in to negativity. I search the web for motivation and videos such as the one posted above to ease my mind.  There are many reasons I work so hard to better myself.



The most difficult challenge in life is losing someone close.  At the age of nine years old my sister passed away.  This has changed my life tremendously.  I then learned at too young of an age what loss feels like.  I now taking nothing for granted, which made me stronger and wiser.  My family stuck together, but I felt as if I needed my own getaway when I needed to be alone.  The gym as I aged became my escape for a few hours a day, and I could take my mind off anything.  I am still an avid member and love working out.  Going to the gym is my main passion and, try to go five times a week if possible.

I feel as if I always have to be strong for my family, and want them all to be proud of what have accomplished, and still will accomplish.  I am the first of my entire family to attend a University.  Some have before me and quickly dropped out.  There is an added amount of pressure to obtain a degree in my mind.  I will not quit.  Quitters live with the remembrance of regret.  Everyone has their personal issues in life.  That’s why for me there is no excuse to why I cannot achieve goals I set for myself.  A few things about me are:  I love working out, biology, food, sports, and music.  These things and my family inspire me to my full potential.   My life to this point has been rewarding and challenging, but I love the life I live.  Why work so hard for so long to give up in one day? Now at Rutgers, I will continue my path to the next goal.




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