Start Over


Right, it is my hometown. From its bird’s view, it is really worth a big trip for you.

I’m Chen Quan. I’ve no idea why people here call me CHEN, actually that’s my family name,I just put it in Chinese way. For me, everything here is new. It is not shameful that I’m ZERO form now on. I’m not familiar with surroundings and  communication. I’m very curious about why American say “LIKE” so many times, which is much different from what we learn from our textbook. You should know that Chinese must have English courses from primary school, what’s more, it’s not optional. I’m confused about the way of  American writing essay(I still don’t know how to create a nice one). When I first arrived in this university for participating in STAR day,I was choking as I asked somebody. I still remember the question is “Excuse me, where is Tillett Hall”. At now, I still walk around for finding a classroom like the one we have the course “Creative Writing” here.

In China, we have our own social network, which means the China edition”Twitter” and”Facebook“. Actually, I’m not that much into it cause there’s some information seems like meaningless and boring. I never use blog before, it comes out of nowhere BUT very popular and epidemic. Typically, I can’t say that which music is my taste cause only if it fits to my taste and I listen to it many times. I don’t know categories of music it has, don’t even pay a attention on it. However, when I heard a beautiful voice, I prefer to spend my whole day on searching for which song it is. I just post one of my favorite singer’s song here, which is most popular in China, maybe you don’t even know its name.

This is song which conveys a strong feeling about China ancient culture by Jay Chou.

OK. Before I come here, my parents have told me that it must be a hard-life you will go through. Indeed, it is not that easy. As a stranger, I can do anything in my desire, I mean, I should follow the trends and customs here. When I contact with people, I’m worried about if there’s someone makes joke about your strange accent. My parents are more anxious about that even if I have already been a adult. At now, I find that all of the worries is in vain. People are very warm-hearted here and no one will attempt at you or ignore with you, especially they seem like patient when you don’t understand what they are saying, they just repeat it again and again until you can get to know. I feel much better here. I’m very excited be a student at Rutgers. This university is awesome, giving me more experience I ever have before. The huge campus leave me a big impression and it awaits for more explores by myself. I love the libraries here, each one has its own character of massive and splendid. Hey, I’m confused, I don’t know how to express my feeling right now. It’s good to be here, which I think I don’t make a wrong choice or arrive at a wrong site.

I really want to be a friend of yours, it’s very nice to see you and very happy to know you.


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