Inspiration: Something We All Need to Live Life to the Fullest

I have only been alive for two decades and have found that the world can be a bitter place depending on one’s attitude. If one is angry or mad all the time then he or she will never see the beauty in life. When you find a subject or activity that interests you and makes you feel alive, pursue it.

I myself am pursuing my love and passion for music. After reading that one sentence you have probably had some type of reaction, negative or positive. I have heard many responses ranging from “Oh, are sure you want to do that?” or “Why on Earth would one ever make a career in that?”, to “Good for you for having the courage to pursue what you truly love to do!”. No matter what the response is I know that at the end of the day I am happy with my life. Sure it’s true that being a professional trumpet player is a competitive job market and there may not be as many job opportunities, but it is something I will always love and be passionate about.

My interest in music sparked from when I would listen to my Great Uncle Leo play the piano and guitar. Whenever my family would go to visit him he would always encourage me to play a piece on his keyboard that was setup on his desk. Due to his severe arthritis he has had to stop playing the guitar, but he still tries to play the piano when he feels up to it. Even though he can no longer play the guitar he still loves to talk about how just playing around on it could turn a horrible day into a rather beautiful one.

Ten years ago I saw a Broadway musical in previews and it helped convince me to pursue my passion of music. My parents took me and my two older sisters to see Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of OZ during previews. Still to this day I get chills when I listen to the Original Broadway Soundtrack because I remember being blown away by all the passion and energy on the stage. When listening to the soundtrack I can still picture most of what the sets looked like and how the talented cast performed the songs. I walked out of the theater knowing that I wanted to one day be in a pit orchestra on Broadway. For me to achieve this dream one day would make me one of the happiest people on this planet because I would not consider performing a show “work”. I would not show up to the theater just for the paycheck, but to help inspire people in the audience just as the Cast of Wicked did for me. Ever since Wicked I have seen dozens of Broadway performances and have had similar experiences of being amazed at all the talented people who have made it to Broadway. I can honestly say that I have never walked out of a Broadway production without feeling even the smallest bit of inspiration.

It is because I have found something in my life that truly makes me appreciate everything in life I set one goal for myself everyday. That is to make at least one person smile. Seems simple enough, right? I strongly believe in the influences of music and making someone smile. I encourage you to do the following; when one of your friends, or a complete stranger, is feeling down try to make them smile. Whether it is by smiling at them while in passing or cracking a joke. By doing this you should make them smile even if it is only for a split second. I have found that when I, myself, am feeling under the weather and someone makes me smile my mood changes for the better.  

Take what you will from what I have to say, you are entitled to your own opinions! If there is one thing you take away from this post I hope it is to find something that makes you smile every single day. Follow your dreams and passions because the world is rather dull will out them.


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  1. Hi! It is so nice that you have something passionate about and persist in doing it. I have always been trying to find something I really love and want to do it for the rest of my life, but unfortunately, I do not find it yet. So I am still searching and looking. I think maybe some people can find what they love to do very easily, while some people just cannot find any during their whole life. It has something to do luck and it is lucky for you to have the great uncle and experience of Broadway musical because this two things established your road to music.
    I also agree with your opinion about smiling everyday. Smile is powerful and you can make a difference just simply by smiling. When I first came here, I sometimes feel nervous and uneasy. However, when I see people smile to me, I will clam down and feel confident.

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