Little Girl’s Adventure

me and my motherme and my father

Once upon a time, there is girl, who is very goal-oriented and determined. When she was in junior high school, she decided to go to the best senior high school in her city. Because of her diligent and hard work, she got in. Then she wanted to go to Shanghai, the most economically developed city in the country China, for university. After two years of college academic study, she felt unsatisfied and inadequate and determined to go aboard for further study. Now, she has transferred from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology to the Rutgers Business School. A semester down, she gets used to the environment and feels the necessity of leadership and profession. As an international student, she wants to develop her ability to communicate and write frequently and accurately in English as well as the capacity to be a good leader. Now I want to study hard and become experienced to get ready for the work life after graduation. Of course, that girl is me and my name is Crystal!

senior high school

senior high school

Along the way, I call everything that I have gone through adventures. They are the windows I see through and learn about the world. In senior high school, I experienced the fiercest competition of college admission among the whole country. Since the Henan province where I grow up has the third largest population among other province, to be specific, that is 94 million permanent residents, there are about 700 thousand students who take the college entrance examination per year but only 40% of these students can eventually be admitted by university. As a result, everyone studies really hard and we suffer from the heavily-crammed education. Although I live in a small city, I have big dreams. I want to go to the most developed city for college, so I have to suffer the bitterest of the bitter. Through the three years of senior high school, I learned that pains do not necessarily mean gains but no pains no gains. Though luck is 30% of success, or maybe even more, you have to do your own part including preparation, effort, and hard work.

Shanghai University for Science and Techonology

Music Hall

Living in the city with highest price of commodities for two years, I start to have some real concepts about money and begin desiring to earn money by myself. As a result, I have three work experiences in total and these give me great values. One of my jobs is barista because I love coffee so much. The pictures following are the coffee I made and the coffee shop I work for.


1906 Cafe Shop

Studying in Rutgers is another big change of my life. I have never been aboard before although I love travelling. It is challenging and exciting for me at the same time. Learning another culture and trying to think from a different way is fun but it is also really hard. I have encountered a lot of difficulties in here: traffic inconvenience, homesickness, culture conflicts, incomprehension in class and so on. One biggest problem for me right now is to find a job or an internship here. Because of the higher cost of employing international students compared to native students, employers are unwilling to hire students like us unless we have strong advantages. I want to develop my strengths but don’t know how. Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard I have tried, there are always many things that I cannot have just because I am not a native. Another thing that I am frustrated about is I don’t have anything desirable since I was in college. As I have said, I am a very goal oriented person, so it is so painful for me without having any passionate goals in life. It is hard for me to find something I really love and it seems to me I am so-so for everything.

Life is a Adventure

In terms of blogging, I think blog is a place where you can be truly yourself. Without the fear of being recognized, I can say anything I want and type down all my imaginary thoughts. It is like a mirror and when I write something, I can see the reflection of myself. In this way, I understand myself better and see my change through the journey of your heart. I have been blogging for many years using Chinese website and I really enjoy it. When writing your feelings or anything happens in a particular day, that day seems meaningful and memorable and looking back of what you have posted is also interesting. Sometimes I even like use the third person to blog because it feels like I am writing a story and seems easier to express my feelings through other people’s tone.


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