My Life


Growing under a heavy influence of my smart Italian family, many of which believe in being a Renaissance man, I have always been pushed to be great in the things I am interested in as well as exhibit many topics of interest.  I was always surrounded by a few things when I was very little and these were Ice Hockey (sports in general but hockey took the number one spot by far), the importance of Mathematics in every aspect of life, and cartoons mainly focused around one extraordinary character whom somehow through all odds persevered through the toughest of times (for example characters like Bruce Wayne in Batman or Goku in Dragon Ball Z).  Another part of my childhood that shaped my way of thinking was always being the shortest person on my sports teams or out of my group of friends.  All of these things set the tone for how my mindset was going to evolve through these different outlets.   I try to excel in many different disciplines that I’m interested in, like many of the famous Italians throughout the Renaissance period, Leonardo Da Vinci being a common person sited by my dad or grandfather when sharing wisdom and advice.

I was always pushed to get good grades, especially in math, and in turn I was always one of the smartest kids at my school in the hardest math classes.  I always looked up to the short guy on NHL teams who seemed to have used their size to their advantage by being extremely quick, strong, and having great hands so I worked hard to be like them on the ice.  I looked up to the lead character in these cartoons and always strived to be like them, be noticed.   What I’ve learned from sports influenced me for the rest of my life.  I believe playing hockey since I was little taught me how to work together with other people for a common goal, hustle hard and you get results, and to never give up on something.  Even though I haven’t played since senior year of high school I still use all of these skills on a daily basis through school work, working hard at the gym, working together in a fraternity setting, or at my internships I hold over the summer.  I also always try to be a stand out player on a team or an organization because I looked up to heroic characters in cartoons as well as many NHL stars that seemed to be real life heroes to me growing up.

Theo Fleury was a real life hero being one of the shortest players in the league yet such a dangerous goal scorer on the ice.

An aspect of my life that has evolved and changed over time has been music.  I always have loved music as my dad was in a rock band and happened to be a phenomenal guitar player.  Of course I started just liking what my dad liked, listening to classic rock bands and famous blues musicians.  But as I got older and became more independent and discovered the enormous world that is music the genre of Hip-Hop seemed to really catch me.  When I was younger I wasn’t necessarily aware of what the words in songs were about, I cared much more about the melody, catchy chorus, overall vibe, and maybe an incredible guitar solo here and there.  As I got older, however, I became more in tuned to what the  the lyrics were about and how artists would use lyrics to discuss topics they believe in and promote.  The transition from rock to rap music as well as interest in just melodies to also being interested in the lyrics came about during middle school when I discovered the rock/rap fusion band Rage Against the Machine.  With their heavy rock influence and crazy guitar sounds created by innovative guitarist Tom Morello but with rap lyrics at the forefront, I got my first taste of what now consumes a large part of my life and that is rap music.  Freshman year of high school I moved on to listening to Lil Wayne as did many people in 2008 considering Lil Wayne ruled all outlets of music at that moment.   I didn’t stop by just listening to his singles played on the radio though, I always explored through the internet and found underground songs that barely anyone I knew had heard of.  Over the last 6 years of exploring my favorite music genre to date I have come to love many artists from many different backgrounds, but the ones who’s messages resonate with me are always my favorite.  When I started I loved 2Pac and Lil Wayne the most but with many new generations of rappers as well as tons of research I’ve done I now have hundreds of artists that I listen to.  I currently listen to a combination of conscious and motivational rap because those are the things I relate to the most, words of intelligence and a mindset of ambition and drive.  Artists like Ace Hood and J. Cole are definitely my most played as they both compose music with these qualities.

My current favorite rapper, Ace Hood.

These are the things that have shaped my life and views so far and these things have molded me to be the person I am today.  I am currently perusing a double major at the University of Rutgers New Brunswick in Mathematics and Economics, am a very involved member of the NJ Beta chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, a graphic designer (currently submitting designs in for some of the brothers of Sigep’s clothing company Qilo []), learning how to be a hip hop producer, as well as an aspiring natural body builder.  I have a large amount of interests that will hopefully make me very successful as long as I . . .


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  1. We share a common interest for math and hip-hop music. I too am an aspiring natural body builder. Although it is not a priority, I do enjoy it as a hobby and am hoping to do at least one competition in my lifetime.

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