“One Being, Many Selves” (Luciana Calle)


   Who am I? well thats a good question!

I consider myself someone who can be viewed by the world many different ways. I’m never really one way towards everyone since I find myself always unconsciously changing according to where I am, and who I’m with. My behavior and appearance changes since I’ve been taught by this world how to act and how I should be in order to be socially accepted, from such a young age that its been pretty much stamped into my head as though I was born with it. Some people call it social vs. private masks, I call it life!

In my friends’ eyes, I’m view as a pretty chilled individual who does not have many responsibilities and or cares in the world.

To my parents I am my major, thats what I like, thats what I stick to and thats what I will do. They are very proud of me, especially since I feel as though my parents live the lives they wished they could of lived through me, they wish they could of had the having opportunity to go to college and graduate but what they don’t seem to understand is that there is so much more to me than college.


Art such as acting, music, poetry/lyric writing and drawing are a huge part of me. I constantly find myself, always thinking and trying to find different ways to release and express my feelings and thoughts through ideas, that come to my brain from everyday activities. Any of these activities allow  me to step out of my skin, out of reality and transport me to my hopes, inner thoughts and or personal dreams, where I can have them play out exactly as I want them. Everything seems to be under my own control and it has become my run away place, where nobody  can tell me what to do or judge me for being myself at that very moment.


Feeling free of everything that comes with living in this world that forces each and every one of us to act and be a certain way is what I search for in this life time. I love being able to let my imagination flow along with the music I listen to or make and help myself finding who I truly am as I grow older since I still I have so much to yet to discover.

I constantly fight to keep myself away from society, there is so much I can escape from but yet so much I can’t.

But as time goes on I’m able to learn on how to work around it and not let society rule me like it rules most of the world.



One comment

  1. Hey, I find this post pretty interesting. I never heard of the “social vs private” mask, though I agree with you completely – I believe it’s something that everyone does subconsciously due to how our society is. We’re taught that we’re supposed to create a perfect presence of ourselves, and then once we grow up we’re taught to express our inner selves. How can we do so if all our lives we’re literally taught how to be/act? But you have an interesting point of view.

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