“The Blog Post about Nothing”

Articulating my life into a single blog post is by far the hardest thing I have been asked to do. I like to think of myself as a renaissance man with a lot different hobbies, interest and skills.I am interested in many things but passionate about very things. One of the few things I am passionate about is sports. Sports has always been a postive in my life in keeping me out of trouble and helping me make lifelong friends. But there is one sport in particular i believe that is very essential in my life.If one word could sum up my life up until this point (20 years) it would be the word BASKETBALL.

The game of basketball consumes my life. Growing up I had different phases of my where I would try something not like it and move on to the next. But the one hobby that always stuck to me was basketball. I did karate, soccer, even tried playing the guitar but all those things got boring to while basketball never did. In fact every job I have ever had has involved basketball in some shape or form from working in the Rutgers Athletics ticket office, being a basketball referee for intramural’s or working at one of the most recognizable basketball camps called HoopGroup where we help players from grade school up until about their senior year in high school in getting better on and off the court.


In conclusion, my goal in life is to one day be a college basketball coach at a division one school and I think I am taking the proper steps into accomplishing that goal. I strongly believe everyone has a calling and is passionate about something in life and that ever dream can be accomplished through hard work and consistent effort. I strongly believe my calling in life is to help people through sports and I hope that everyone follows whatever dream they want in life. Below is a video that keeps me motivated when my dreams look so far fetched and impossible.

(On a side note, on my free time I like to watch videos of Kanye West flipping out.) 



  1. I enjoyed your post and can relate to one blog post to summarize your life thus far is too hard. I appreciate that you are able to find your one calling and have stuck to it. I think we can all relate about hobbies and activities we have given up but seem to stick with one unexpected activity. I also enjoyed your video post on Kanye and it lead to many other Kanye posts for me. I look forward to your other posts.

  2. I admire your passion for basketball and wish you the best in your future! That’s exciting that you hope to one day coach after the sport itself has given you so much. I also found your closer really comical; I enjoy Kanye West’s music but I didn’t realize how much I could also enjoy him flipping out, too 🙂

  3. Marc, you are amazing but I have some things to ask. Please tell me what inspired your love for basketball? Why does it play such an important role in your life. I wish you the best of luck and I know you will definitely accomplish all your goals. You are definitely on the right step in accomplishing your goals. 🙂

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