A Little About Me

S-Shy. I was always a shy person. I never socialized too much and I have a very tight group of friends that I have had for my entire life. I Of course I had to get out of my shell in many instances, especially as I am maturing now, but I try to keep to myself as best as I can.

U- Understanding. I have often been told I am a sympathetic person. My friend and I aren’t afraid to explain problems or embarrassments with each other and I try to listen and understand as best as I can when someone is speaking to me.

M- Medicine. I had a passion for the healthcare professions since I was young. I volunteered as an EMT and at a nursing home when I was in high school. The desire to help people as well as the sheer complexity and magnificence of the human body aspires me to work in this field.

I- Intrigued. I am intrigued by the world around us. I have an endless bank of questions with few answers, but hopefully as I mature and gain knowledge, I will be able to answer more of life’s questions.

T- Trust. I value trust greatly. Although people have broken my trust, I try to keep my word with people, because without trust, we wouldn’t survive.

B- Bird watching. This was a passion of mine since the 8th grade. I love birds of all kinds, and my favorite is the tufted titmouse.

Tufted titmice feeding.

H- Hinduism. This is my religion and I am a strong follower of it. My mother is religious and I thank her for instilling religious knowledge and morals that help make me who I am.

A- Anger. Sometimes I lose my temper and my blood pressure rises. It runs in my family. Although most of the time, I am very cool headed, but sometimes, if I am really angry, it’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

T- Time. I try to value my time because time is very precious, it is one of the most precious things on this earth. It goes by so fast that we often take it for granted.

T- Teacher. I have a teacher who is very close to me from elementary school who I still communicate with and visit. She had helped me get me to where I am today

A- Anxious. I am an anxious person from time to time. It can be quite apparent as well. I try to cover up my anxiety, as I believe this could be perceived as a weakness, and am trying to combat it.

C- Chess. I love chess. I played in my high school chess team and it is still a fond hobby of mine.

H- Hakuna Matata. I love this motto and I try to incorporate a little bit of it in my life everyday to remind myself to ease up sometimes.

A- Android. I love android and I will say rooting and upgrading my phone is a hobby that I like to partake in.

R- Ridge Racer. This was my favorite video game on the nintendo 64. I still have it to this day and play on it occasionally.

J- Jules Verne. He is on my favorite authors, and I especially liked his book Journey to the Center of the Earth. 

E- Environment. I like to help out the environment as much as I can. I recycle and I like to help out in my mother’s vegetable garden during the spring and summer.

E- Exercise and eating. I like to work out in the gym and am trying to lose weight and be healthy. I also love food, although I try not to eat too much junk food.


One comment

  1. This is a really creative way to talk about yourself! There are some things on here that I can definitely relate to. I’ll start with the anger. I haven’t exactly been the best at handling my anger in a mature, respectable way. A lot of times I lose my temper on people and my blood pressure is also frequently high, so I can relate to that! I also believe that our time here is taken for granted too much, and I appreciate it when someone else notices this. You said that you were shy and stay in a tight group of friends. I am similar. I have to force myself to be more extroverted sometimes even though a lot of times I do want to branch out and meet new people. I used to play chess as well, but have not for a while so I’m sure my skills have deteriorated. It was nice to be able to read about you! I really enjoyed your blog post!

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