I Am A Princess


I am 20 years old and I live like a princess.

Now, don’t judge me here. I don’t luxuriously shop on every store on 5th Avenue nor do I have butlers and maids running around my house. But I do have a father, a mother, and a sister; basically my royal family. The King and Queen still teach me how to have proper etiquette, plan for the future ahead, and learn how to take on the responsibility of being the “next-kin” for the throne (sucks to be the oldest…ugh). But just as most royal families, none of these things were forced upon my sister and I. If we wanted to, we could have disobeyed. Yet, there was something so noble about our parents that made us give them our utmost respect. And from that came my first personality trait: humility.

I know what you are thinking and I absolutely see the irony, but hear me out. As I was growing up, circumstances held me where I had to humble myself in order to gain the bigger prize. Whether the prize was for myself or for others, that was always the outcome. This act of humbleness started to become the basis to my character. I started to experience emotions I had never felt before. From jealousy to rage, confusion to more confusion, and sometimes even shock to disbelief, humbleness took me on a roller coaster ride. I wanted enough. I wanted to just live a normal life. I wanted for once to be common and selfish because I knew that with selfishness, the only person in that equation was myself.

But life didn’t take me to the mundane ways of life. For some time, I was torn between being humble and selfish. I felt like I was deceiving myself and doing things that were not truthful to my heart. I did not understand who I was. One morning, my dad called me from downstairs and yelled: “My lovely princess, come eat!” My lovely princess, come eat, my lovely princess…princess, hold up…princess? It wasn’t until that morning that I became struck with the biggest realization of my life: I am a princess.

Today I live with this thought. Princesses learn to have fun and find joy during the hardest times of their life. Princesses have great obligations to uphold and know when to be brave. But the most important one of all is the one I carried with me my entire life: Princesses can have everything in the world because they are born of royalty, but their identity comes from humility. For me, at the root of my heart lies a heart of a Princess.


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