Why Do We Keep Going

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The idea of racism seems to startle every individual that gets questioned about it. This comes as a surprising notion due to the fact that many deal with the problem of racism in their everyday lives. An African American has to worry about getting pulled over for no reason or even get followed in many stores. While other ethnic groups also have their own worries including the idea of taking part in cultural activities or celebrations which can result in one getting ridiculed or made fun of.

One would have thought that the idea of racism might have been on the downhill after the election of President Obama in 2008. Yet the different forms of digital networks always portray the different racial incidents that go on today. The idea of post racial society seems like a reach even considering how far along we have come. Tourre said it best while talking about the notion of a post racial society: “It’s a bankrupt concept that reflects a naive understanding of race in America. Post Black means we are all like Obama: rooted in but not restricted by blackness.” I think what he is trying to say is that we have come very far from the civil rights era yet we cannot develop a truly pure economy that destroys racism completely. Digital networks now a days come up with ideas that shape once thoughts and ideas. Some argue that African Americans like Obama cause racism to spread. Crazy notions like these may cause one to think that Obama is tearing the country apart due to the fact that he is African American. As long as digital networks are around, they will cause for the idea of racism to spread and continue rather than fall in decline. One good thing that has resulted from digital networks is to show the ability of how far one has come since Martin Luther King’s, “I have a dream” speech.

Ever since the 1960’s civil rights era, a possibility of a post racial society has been believable. One can see that this country has come very far from the hate and the racial crimes that were taking place in mid 20th century. On the other hand the creation of digital networks has caused for a halt of the idea of a post racial society. As long as one has the chance to spread their opinion there will never be enough minds that think alike on the idea of racism. Our society deals with this issue and will continue dealing with it since everyone has a chance to influence others with their theories.



  1. The author before you also had a similar sentiment about the future of race relations, and specifically, the idea that they’re not going to change. I think influence and the internet definitely has something to do with that but the biggest culprit seems to be the lack of discussion in schools. I can’t remember being engaged about race relations by an aware individual until I entered college and even that has been questionable at times.

  2. I absolutely agree with everything your post touched on. I strongly believe that Martin Luther King Jr’s. “I Have a Dream Speech” spread hope about the demise of racism and unfortunately, I have to agree that social media is quickly ruining that idea.

    I found the article about the election of President Obama spreading racism rather than ending racism surprising and,quite frankly, appalling; I am so surprised at the level of ignorance some people demonstrate. However, I wish you could have elaborated more on how that idea was directly connected to social media. I found an article talking about twitter posts from the night before the election that you might find interesting and supportive of your argument: http://www.forbes.com/sites/alexkantrowitz/2012/12/20/outing-social-media-racism-a-conversation-with-an-insider/

    Overall, I really enjoyed reading your post!

  3. Hi,

    I found your post very interesting. Perhaps it is just how I’ve misunderstood some of the conversation around Obama’s presidency but I’ve never heard it being described as promoting racism; rather, all I’ve heard has been that his presidency is a positive step towards discussing race (which may serve as a foundation towards creating a post-racial society). However, one of the major critiques of social media and the increased presence of the internet in our daily lives is that we can pick-and-choose which sources to follow, which is perhaps why this is a new perspective to me. Unofficial info on this can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selective_exposure_theory.

    Also, while your observation that the scope of the internet causes racism to spread is true, I would argue that the internet is a neutral ground for ideas that already exist and that it is simply a sounding board for ideas and prejudices that people in the real world already have. The opposite is also true – there are internet users who are tolerant, educated activists and their ideas can also be found throughout the internet. Selective exposure theory plays an interesting part in your argument here as well. The argument is as such: if Grandpa C got his political/civic info from the newspaper, that paper was obliged to be as neutral as possible (to sell to the largest audience), however, if Grandson C gets all his political/civic info from the internet, he can choose which sites to follow (which are not obliged to be impartial), meaning that he could theoretically never be exposed to ideas that he would oppose, because to do so would involve an active effort on his part. This, in part, is what many believe is contributing to increased intolerance and political polarity in post-9/11 American [racial] politics.

    I don’t know if a post-racial society is possible or not, but your post got me thinking. Thanks and well done!

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