The end isn’t near, but change is


Honestly, I do not believe America will ever become a post-racial society nor do I think it necessarily should. The images on Buzzfeed commenting on how others perceive them are negative, but it is also a sign people want their race to be interpreted in the most accurate and beautiful way possible. Being a different race does not always need to be a bad thing and I think being post-racial would take away the uniqueness and pride of different cultures. As Toure quotes, “The moment we shatter those artificial encumberances of race- a stereotype from without or a rigid archetype from within- and feel no need to respond to either is the moment we are vastly improved, profoundly human, and therefore become the best Black people we can become” (Toure, pg. 5). There are many areas of improving we can work on and digital networks can help spread the word about certain issues.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter provide a means for a message to spread about things that do not always make the headline news but still allow people to be aware of them. This article provides exerpts of tweets about the potentially first gay NFL player and other teammates showing their support. I believe social media can be a good medium to show acceptance of different races and identities, while it also causes many arguments between strangers or friends if a post is controversial and the other party does not agree. Regardless, social media is a way to remind people that there are different cultures out there. An example is when I saw one of my Facebook friends post a photo of her home decorated for Chinese New Year. This was a reminder that even though I am not celebrating the holiday, others around me are and are proud of it the same way I am around Christmas time.



  1. I absolutely love your meme! It’s very true and the cereal commercial also applied well in this topic. You should include it and talk about it a bit. Also, I would like to know your opinion on the racism commercial above. It’s a very good way to show how racism makes everything ugly. I can see how social networks are a way to show support and acceptance. You make really great points and have great/strong sources!

  2. You are very brave for holding and explaing a different view than most of what has been discussed on this blog so far!

    While my post mainly dicussed the negtaives of social media,your post really opened my eyes and showed me how there can be postive ways that the media handles race and racism.The video you included of the advirtisement held strong to your argument and was extremelty moving; it made me wish there were similar ads shown during prime time television.

    In response to your example about your friend posting a picture of her celebrating the Chineese New Year, it reminded me a lot of the recent Coca-Cola SuperBowl Commerical: I believe this commerical only ammplifies your argument of how social media can be used to correct some of the issues American’s can have with people of other races and cultures.

    Great post!

  3. I could not agree with you more; social media and the internet at large can be used positively. Like life away from the computer screen, life behind it is comprised of many different voices stating many different stances. This is great, because as you suggested, it exposes people to different aspects of an issue. How one interprets such exposure is his or her own responsibility and for that reason, it is unfair for others to pigeonhole social media and the internet as a breeding ground for hate and ignorance.

    Prime examples of the positive benefits of social media and the internet are the assigned readings for the class! Also, outside of the realm of race, sites exist to promote different stances on matters of sex, gender, etc.

    I happened to stumble upon this feminist blog, it’s great.

  4. I agree that America doesn’t have to be “post racial either. I like that you used social media for a way to make everyone aware of a topic. I believe social media can be either good or bad, but you constructed your argument very well for why it’s positive. Players like NFL prospect Michael Sam announced something he knows will be all over social media. Since you made that comment I thought this was an interesting article.

  5. I enjoyed your article, mostly because you highlighted the importance of social media as a positive source regarding race and racism. I’ve actually gotten more insight into problems non-white persons have faced and it’s changed me a lot. But at the same time, social media can perpetuate it even more because it is so extensive and accessible! Even a simple image can perpetuate negative stereotypes, such as the Asian Dad Meme. You might find this link interesting, because it discusses the need to change the portrayal of women in stock photos: If this will happen, can we also change the way other genders, races, etc. are portrayed?

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