What’s the Election About Anyway?


Since the election of Barack Obama the idea of “Post-Racial” America has boomed.  All genders, races, ethnicities, and cultures feel the need to argue for their own.  However, is arguing really getting us anywhere?  It shouldn’t have taken until a “black” President was elected for these issues to be addressed.

Now of course racial profiling, and racial issues have been a problem in America for years, but our generation (at least to me) never got the brunt of that.  Growing up I never felt the need to discriminate or hate any other race.  I learned about the past, and although I don’t know it all I knew enough to understand the severity of racial discrimination in the past.  I believe that since the election of Obama our generation has created a more segregated culture than we had.

In reality, the dream of “Post-Racial” America lies in our generation.  Our parents and our elders can’t take back the years of racial segregation that they went through, however we can.  The election of Barack Obama seems to be tearing us apart though.  With shirts advertising “Yea, my President is black” it seems that kids our age felt that they had something to prove to “whites” with the election of Obama.  Yes electing the first black President is a HUGE deal.  I am by no means trying to belittle it.  I’m just saying, did it have to turn into a “look at us now” kind of thing?  It became much more about race than about our Country.  Our Nations colors are more important than our own.

Unfortunately we can not change what happened in the past, but our future was looking bright.  Racism will always be around, it’s something we can not run from.  But, I grew up in a diverse town with equal opportunities.  I came to Rutgers a very diverse school and I never felt the burden of race.  And I’m sure many other felt the same way.  Race will never be the overbearing issue it was in the past, and we are lucky for that.

The question is: is this because I am white?  Just because I am white does not mean I am not racially profiled.  In some way, we all are.  I see race from the outer skirts.  I believe that the election of Obama should have been more about bettering our Country rather than race.  But I am not black and I am not all-knowing, so maybe I am just being naive.

Our generation revolves around social media and with twitter pages such as “The Race Draft” how can we honestly expect to better ourselves?  Everything is a joke to our generation.  The election became a joke because it was more about the blacks being better than the whites rather than the democrats versus the republicans.

You’re right, I don’t feel race and to many reading this I will sound naive.  But the idea of “race” was never an issue to me, to my family, or to my friends.  “Post-Racial America” can only be determined by the actions we take.  I do not believe it is impossible but the way our generation acts, I don’t think it’s likely.  With major issues turning into race issues and then turning into something to make a mockery of our generation honestly, does not stand a chance in creating “Post-Racial America”


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