How much progress have we really made?


It is very difficult to predict whether America will ever become a post-racial society.  In my own opinion I do not believe this will ever be the outcome.  Barack Obama’s election has nothing but caused more controversy among the masses.  People will simply like or dislike him for the fact that he is black.  There are so many stereotypes toward all races complete harmony will never be reached.  People claim to not be racist, behind closed doors they let loose.    Once a stereotype is unleashed it is nearly impossible to stop.

Our future generations starting with ours has to act on what we preach.  The past is the past, and we are condemned to repeat it without proper handling of this touchy subject.  We need to break the chain of holding stereotypes on what we think people actually are.  I found this quite interesting on stereotypes as someone comments to Toure on his skydiving adventure “Brother, black people don’t do that”.  Why is it that a race or person is not supposed to do something they enjoy?  It clearly makes no sense, but that is how a lot of people think on someone doing something out of the norm for their race.

I can speak from some experience as I am Italian.  Most people do not believe me when I say “No, I’m not in the mob. No one in my family is either.  The biggest stereotype I get is from the MTV series Jersey Shore.  To everyone I automatically live the lifestyle they do.  I fake tan, drink excessively, and have no common sense.   This is the trouble with the media.  It only takes a very small percentage of a race to grow a massive stereotype.

For any hope in defeating this task we need a breakthrough in society  .  If we can get to this point such as this NFL article there could be some lee way in the topic.  There needs to be a balance and understanding or “post-racial America” will never work.

There has to be a breaking point when enough is enough.  I’m sure many people are tired of the white or black stereotypes, and in this generation I believe it will never truly end.  Face to face with another race man or women will be respectful to their peer.  Once they are in good confidence with family or friends this is where the person typically will bad mouth/ say racial slurs.  As long as this talk goes on, it only adds fuel to the fire.  I honestly can’t say I feel there can be a “post-racial america.”


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