Yao Ming

Let’s start with Yao Ming, a famous professional basketball player in NBA. The pity is that he has been retired for 3 years. His story inspires us how to break an old rule and achieve a huge success in this generation. However, it is not that easy for him to climb  the pinnacle as a foreigner who comes to the U.S for playing basketball. As you know. no one gives a attention  but taunts. It is nor fair for a man who has been choose as the first pick in the 2002 draft. Definitely, he is nor deserved to undergo all of this stuff otherwise he has to accomplish and shut people up by showing himself off. So, here is, the famous incidents is the bet among Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley. What they bet is that if Yao can get more than 19 points in a game then Barkley will kiss Smith’s ass. This trike was ended by Barkley kissed a donkey’s ass in place of Kenny’s because of Yao got 20 points in that game. Let’s appreciate this funny guy.

OK. Funny time stops. Let’s be more serious in the next. At early period of Yao’s time in U.S, it reminds me of a word- racism. Considering the speech during the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency in 2008, as a foreigner, I strongly feel that the possibility of post- racial society is little. From my point of view, racism is a big issue not only does happen between every Americans but severely appears between foreigners and natives. It is obvious that a stranger cannot easily be accepted by others.especially in a unfamiliar environment. We all know racism sounds not that good, we try to eliminate this influence by taking actions of ourselves. However. the issue is a big problem left by the flow of history, which means if it is simply altered by some talks and speeches, thus it will not be the big issue for us to consider. By coincidence. I have history course in this semester, about the development of U.S, which tells me the influence has been rooted in from the original generation of American. In Toure’s “Forty Million Ways to Be Black”, we can see the identity of Post-Black and the undefined bias. Still, when it comes to the racism, we sometimes avoid it by selecting other way to express, like the social network.

Frankly, it seems like the social network changes this. On the website, no rules form us and constraint us which is a good sign for people convey ideas and thoughts in mangy different ways. However, is it really a good way to release us ? Interactions and interrelationships link the users’ comment and articles which bring many unintended influences. In the “Identity” which is excerpted from “Ethical Fault Lines the New Digital Media”, we can clearly see the possibility of “…consider whether her expressions align with the expectations of others and her responsibilities to them…”(27),which gives a sign that people may use social network to create a new profile, especially fake a genuine person who cater to others points instead of their authentic thinking. On the other hand, misleading is important factor among the communities, in the reading, it says “…the proper limits of identity play are less clear, making young people vulnerable to aggression and unintentional lapses…”(30), it will make a big gap between the false and the peril which lead to a opposite direction. So the corresponding through network may be, like  a flag that flows with the wind. Thus, the topic on the network in regarding to racism is not that impressed and believable. Racism is not a subject that can be taught like history and math, but it exists in the worldwide that cannot be ignored.

From Yao’s experiences, what I see is a breakthrough that changes everyone’s old ideas about Chinese. The Influences from his story tell me that a man can make his goals by strengths and hardships, even if it exists racism, especially the prejudice, it will be shifted to a huge transition. In this aspect, we do believe that the post-racial society will be coming one day not long from us. No matter what race you are, it turns out to be a unity with harmony.

The youth generation is telling…


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