Is it possible for America to ever become truly post-racial?

Racial humor

I think it is impossible for America to ever become a truly post-racial society. One of the reasons why I believe so is because we are  a nation that lacks a true identity. For example, when someone in the United States is asked about his or her nationality you can expect answers like African-American, Asian-American, Mexican-American, etc for the most part no one says that there just an “American”. It’s hard to identify what an American is so we use the race card  and our skin color as our identification. For example, my family is from Haiti, so if you were to describe  Hatians as dark skinned individuals you would be correct because 95% of the population in that country is black. In the United States there is so many different kinds of races, and colors that it is hard to describe what American is. So, in order to have some sort of identity we resort to using our race as our true identity.

I also believe it is impossible for America to ever become truly post racial because we don’t want to move into a post racial world. As Americans we say racist jokes and we turn everything into a race topic.  Racist jokes and comments are made everyday and whats considered a joke or simple comment can really hurt others. To quote from Nigatu  in regards to everyday racial micro agression “it is about showing how these comments create and enforce uncomfortable, violent and unsafe realities onto peoples’ workplace, home, school, childhood/adolescence/adulthood, and public transportation/space environments.” No one feels the pain and the discomfort of certain comments until it is directed towards you.

For example, the Trayvon Martin case was a big issue that quickly turned race related. Instead of looking at the case as one human being killing another  and it being wrong regardless we turned it into well one white guy killed a black kid. The nation was divided between black and white. Evidence of the racial gap caused by the Trayvon Martin case  in the United States.


Americans said things like “Well, black people kill each other everyday and its not on the news” or “Well, if Zimmerman was black and Trayvon was white….” etc.Because of social media all those kinds of comments can go viral and pick up steam and influence other people in the world. 


We make race such a big thing that we forget that we are all humans who biological speaking we are all almost the same.  We joke around about race to make it seem like it’s not a big deal but in actuality race is always on our mind as Americans.



  1. I completely agree with your article. I also do not believe that America can be completely post-racial, especially since society accepts the racial world we live in. Instead of putting in action, we joke and provoke the issue more. I like how you also brought up the Zimmerman vs Trayvon Martin case. It seems as though people made it more of a race case rather than a fight for justice. A lot of people, unknowingly, made reverse racist comments on social media just because they were angered over what had happened. Acting this way will not help our society nor our problem at hand. I’m not saying that we should avoid/ignore the issue, but at least learn from what had happened and try to do better.

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