The Ugly Truth: Racism FTW


It is not the first time that Asians have been exposed to racism. Countless times whispers are heard hear and there about Asian stereotypes but in some cases, it reaches to the extreme. However, in my own opinion, I believe that when some of these people even ask “if we speak english”, it is primarily because they honestly do not know. What I mean by this is: a majority of people have never been exposed to our culture. Growing up, during history class, our textbooks would inform us more on the cultures of African Americans or Whites, rather than the cultures of Asians. A little depressing for me personally. And the farthest our textbooks would ever go in detail about our countries were stories on the bombings of Hiroshima, the Korean War, etc. It was a miracle if even a name from history was mentioned; in which pronunciations would be bombed right away by history teachers. It’s okay, no offense taken, they are actually hard to pronounce. But back to point. When learning about our culture, fingers were only dipped slightly which lead us to believe: our culture was never properly explained. Or so I thought.

In Toure’s chapter of Forty Million Ways to be Black, he says “There is a core, a recognizable Black culture, but out of that core it’s splintered and fragmented and it goes off in ten thousand different directions.” He is explaining that overall, many things about culture are taken out of context and are given a different perspective. And this is where the media (Facebook, News, Twitter) takes advantage and presents a skewed perception of them. More and more, all of our cultures are becoming tainted and ugly. It is developing into ground roots of stereotyping and discrimination

So, it doesn’t really matter whether people have a deep understanding of your culture or not. Racism will always happen. There is a popular saying, “if there is a start, there has to be an end.” But I’m sorry to say that I don’t think it will be the case for this one. And that’s the ugly truth: Racism will always win.


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  1. I completely agree with you when you say most people aren’t really exposed to your culture. Looking back on my middle school and high school career I do not think there was a single History teacher who truly knew about the Asian culture, let alone how to pronounce most of the names in the textbook. Unfortunately, reality has lead me to believe and agree with you and your belief that racism will never end. No matter how hard society tries or how close they might come to truly become post-racial, there will always be racism in the world even if it is not as obvious as before. It is rather sad honestly.

    Here is an article that supports the belief that racism will never go away:

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