Will racism be around forever?

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Racism is all around us, whether we like to admit it or not. We often make assumptions about other people; whether they are smart or dumb, speak a certain language, or are more likely to commit a crime, just because of what they look like. This is often known to us as stereotyping, a problem that is bigger than ever. More often than not, we tend to see Asians as the smartest race among us, blacks as “ignorant” and more likely to commit crimes, etc. Is it even fair to put labels on people just because of the way they look? A question that should be obvious to answer, might not be so obvious to some.

Stereotypes are often the main criteria for comedians in their jokes, the center of conversations among people in school and on the streets, and often taken very lightly. But is it really humor if it hurts? I don’t think that America could ever be post-racial. As long as individuals are allowed to have their own thoughts and opinions, it could never be possible. Whether we admit it or not, we can be judgmental and critical without hesitation. With access to communication such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, becoming a post-racial society would be close to impossible.  Toure expressed in the article, that it wasn’t expected for the black guy to go skydiving because that “wasn’t what black people do.” There seems to be little to no room of interpretation in regard to what certain races should be doing, and what they should not be doing. With this frame of mind, America will never become post-racial.



  1. You interestingly pointed out that humor operates on multiple levels when making references to race. Jokes can satirize and perpetuate stereotypes. An interesting article about race is Devon Carbado’s Natural Racialization.

  2. You posed a good question here about whether or not it’s possible for stereotypes to be funny when they actually are hurtful. Your video seemed to prove that there are stereotypes about all people. Everyone you see will think something about you based on what you look like and you will do the same to them. If this is the case, then the solution should be clear. To get past these stupid stereotypes that keep getting on the news, offending people, and ending careers, we just need to pay them no mind, If everyone can just take stereotypes lightly for what they are (stupid lies) then there would be so much less anger and hostility. Instead of worrying about being “politically correct” all of the time, we should instead just be a little more thick-skinned and sure of ourselves.

    This is just a video that argues against political correctness that i thought was worth watching.

  3. Interesting post. I believe with you one hundred percent that we will never be in a post racial society, it will just never happen. In reference to social media, interestingly enough, one instance where anti-racism backfired:


    I don’t like Balotelli as a player, but for others to play the race card when it isn’t even true is sad and ignorant. Sometimes supporting one person can defame many others, so we should know all the facts before pointing fingers.

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