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The definition of racism is “the belief that all members of a certain race possess certain characteristics specific to that race esp. to make them seem inferior or superior to another race”.  I truly believe that racism still exists in America, and it is nowhere from being completely dissipated.

With that being said, I don’t think America would ever be fully post-racial. Some people believe that racism does not exist. We have passed the institutionalized racism phase, but hidden racism still exists. The southern states of America still experience racism much more than the Northern states of America. One example is from this article, which tells a story of a black family in South Carolina who was refused to be served at a restaurant just because a white customer felt “threatened” by the family.

I believe that social media doesn’t help our society overcome this phase either. On sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., it is common for people to post memes or jokes up to entertain their “followers” or “friends”. But usually in these memes, the person makes degrading remarks about a race, a gender, or a culture. They are funny from time to time, but people are finding it more acceptable to objectify a flaw, and then somehow people turn it into the truth. One example is the whole light-skin vs dark-skin battle that’s currently taking place in the black community. It’s a stereotype that light-skin girls supposedly text back late or are stuck up, whereas dark skin girls have more of an attitude. At first, people used to find this funny, but these stereotypes are so overheard that people actually believe all light skin and dark skin women act like that, when it’s not true. This is called colorism.

In Torres’ article “Forty Million Ways to be Black”, he states “To experience the full possibilities of blackness, you must break free of the structures sometimes placed on blackness from outside the African American culture and also from within it”. I  believe this is true. People must disregard the stereotypes placed on their culture, and just live life. If we can help our cultures thrive and stop pointing out the stereotypes, maybe racism will decease just a little bit.



  1. I have similar ideas in my post regarding your last paragraph. We need to stop sweating the small stuff and focus on the important things in life. If some people feel the need to knock others down to feel better about themselves then just feel sorry for them. Stereotyping is unproductive and maybe just ignoring them is the quickest solution to making them extinct. Certainly, creating nation wide controversy over stupid things that don’t matter will not help anything (Commercials for example). Instead of having people take sides on what they think is right or wrong just leave it alone and move on. We have to hope eventually this won’t even be topic of conversation anymore, right?

  2. I completely agree with you and how “hidden racism still exists” and will always exist. When I read your article it disheartened me that people in this world would refuse service to a customer because of their physical appearance and “threatening” behavior. What really stood out to me was how flat-out honest the manager was to the family saying she had the right to refuse to seat them (to me that is just ridiculous!). My opinions towards the social media end of racism are very similar to yours as well. By this I mean in the sense that yes these memes and comments can be rather humorous at times, but they are demeaning a race in addition to the comical end of it all.

    Here is a prime example of how social media has, in a sense, spread racism especially after the election of our current president:

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