Wyckoff Street, New Brunswick

Wyckoff Street, New Brunswick

The first nor’easter of 2014 brings round one of the “Snowpocalypse” as it takes its toll on New Brunswick’s Wyckoff Street. Far in the distance two cars are at a standstill figuring out how to conquer the snow.



  1. There is so much detail in this photo. I particularly enjoy your technique, using the buildings as a frame of sorts, and using the road to lead up to the vanishing point! It is a bit difficult to see the cars you refer to in your caption. At the same time though, the focus is supposed to be on the snowy landscape, so the cars are almost insignificant compared to the snow. The caption is also very entertaining!

  2. I really like the perspective in this photo. It really conveys the how long and drawn out this winter is starting to feel. I also would’ve liked to have seen the cars a little better but the snow is the star of the show so I understand your choice.

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