We are not Born with It, But Rather Taught


No matter how hard society tries, we will never truly become a post-racial society or country. That is the truth. As much as it might come as a shocking realization or truth you may not agree with, it is still the truth. If you do not agree with my statement than I strongly encourage you to read what others think around the world today.

In today’s world our social media is filled with humorous racial jokes. However, most people pass them off because they are presented in a joking manner. Whether someone is saying something for the purpose of humor they are still propagating racism. John Berger wrote “the way we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe in” in his essay Ways of Seeing, and I feel as though it typically starts with the younger generations. As our younger generations continue to grow up with all these digital networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, at their fingertips then they too will be easily exposed to these various racial views. Twitter and other various social medias are constantly filled with racial stereotypes such as making fun of Asians and the assumption that they all receive A’s in class or how they speak the English language for example. Our social media today has burst the doors wide open for people to post about their opinions, both racial and non-racial, on the Internet. That is was scares me honestly. It is because we have the ability to “tweet” our thoughts or post a Facebook status people have become more open about their true thoughts, no matter how many people they may offend.

Racist or not Racist?

If you were to go onto any social media I can guarantee that you would see a meme, video, or article stereotyping a certain race in the world today. It saddens me that is the truth, but what also really saddens me is that we learn these racist behavior from our surroundings. Everyone is a little bit racist even if they do not like to admit it; however, we are not born racism, we are taught racism both directly and indirectly. We have all encountered phrases such as “Monkey see, monkey do” or “actions speak louder than words”when we were little and they relate to racism very well. If a child is brought up in a very openly racist house then odds are that child will to grow up to be fairly racist; however, the same thing goes for a child who gets nervous passing a group of black people because his or her parents would always squeeze the child’s hands harder when passing them.

Look at the society we live in, is it any different from the society we had before Barack Obama was elected? Will it ever change for the better?


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