New Brunswick

2014-02-16 02.35.17_resized

This city gives me a headache.



  1. I really like the way this picture is framed. And of course, nice witty comment. Are you typically annoyed by advertising? When it’s unnecessary and in-your-face, I can’t help but get very annoyed.

  2. I found this picture to be quite clever. At first I was scrolling up so I saw the caption and that it was of the train station. The caption didn’t quite make sense to me at first, but then made me smirk when I got to the top. And I agree with Jesse above me that this is a nice picture as well. I like black and whites.

  3. The simplisity of both your caption and picture speak numerous words about your outlook on life.

    I will admit at first, I assumed that you had a very negative view of New Brunswick in general and possibly Rutgers as well. However, upon noticing the Tylenol ad, I found that you have a quite humorous, possibly sarcastic, view of life.

    Your witt and sarcasm displayed in this picture and caption leave me wondering how you view all different aspects of life.

  4. I tend to agree with everyone else about your photo. At first I only saw the train station and didn’t get the caption. Now that I put everything together I like everything about this picture. Very well done I really like how simple it is, yet makes such a big statement. The black and white is also another great touch.

  5. I like the way you frame the picture. The contrast of the dog and the railroad leaves me great impression. We should reconsider what city life has brought us. What have we lost? What have we gained?

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