Walt Disney Pictures Presents: Tangled

Tangled Wires Yeah

I think a person’s workspace can say a lot about who they are as a person. Naturally, my workspace is riddled with mountain dew cans and cholera. I have to be careful getting up or else my foot will snag a wire and drag my laptop into the danger zone.



  1. Ah mountain dew, the drink of true champions. They say messiness is a sign of genius. Either way it would be best to clear up that mess before that perfectly good wacom ends up on the floor. Geez, I sound like my mother.

  2. The title really drew me in, and I liked the comparison you made about your workplace. I feel like mine gets that way sometimes too, there’s always so much going on!

  3. Love the title of this! And I have to say I’m such a neat freak but when I get into the zone of my work and I’m surrounded by my laptop, my kindle, my phone, notebooks, binders, books it seems so cluttered that I can’t even move. When it comes down to it though I’m in what has been considered my comfort zone since I began college.

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