Slow Down and Enjoy the Life

Fish-flavored bean curd

I made this Fish-flavored Bean Curb myself for today’s dinner. It is a famous dish of Hunan cuisine (one of the eight Chinese cuisines). People are too busy nowadays to slow their pace, but sometimes you gotta do it to really enjoy the life!



  1. This looks delicious! I am a big “foodie” and can appreciate when someone takes the time to cook their own meals. I like your point about slowing down to really enjoy life; it can be something simple as food.

    1. Thank you! I love cooking and it is really interesting. I think food is just another kind of culture and it also has many virtues in it.

  2. Super jealous! As college students we always feel like we’re in a rush to do things to the point were we don’t spend enough time cherishing what we love most. I love food, but I just started learning how to cook and unfortunately, I’ve been practicing the trade of doing shortcuts

  3. this looks so good! I definitely think as college students we’re always in a rush and time truly escapes us. It’s good that you put the time and effort into this and it looks like you enjoyed it!

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