A New Road


This is a man-made walk way to the Food Science Bus Stop after one of the many snow storms. It is interesting because there is no actual path to the bus stop when there is no snow. However, one person made a path that others now follow.



  1. I liked the way you were able to see this! I live on cook and I walk past that field every day, resenting how much snow is still on the ground. I never noticed the pathway and I never even thought of it that way.

  2. Really interesting and great picture post. I also notice a few foot prints to the left of that snow path, so maybe somebody diverged from the norm, thus repeating the cycle.

  3. This a really artistic picture. It’s interesting how one person will lead and multiple people will follow to the point where they create their own pathway. The extra footsteps on the left add a creative edge, for they took the road lees traveled by. They dared to be different and be their own leader.

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