All My Dreams Start Here


Practice Room

Everything I want to be in life begins with a single step- or in this case a single room. Some people might think it is scary that all my hopes and dreams rely on a room such as this one. A room where I go to practice so that I never make the same mistake twice or a room where I can let all my insecurities go and just be me.




  1. I understand what you mean when you say that all of your hopes and dreams rely in a single room. I would consider my room that way since I leave all my ideas and hopes on posters that are in my room

  2. Really cool concept that I’ve definitely thought about before as I also produce music. It is scary, but at the same time in that room everything is up to you. All creation of your music is based on yourself and practicing within that room, definitely a neat concept.

  3. This is a great picture because it represents a place where everyone has to start. It shows the place where creative ideas are formed and something remarkable can be created.It’s very interesting how something so complex and beautiful such as music can be formed in such a simple room.

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