omelette du fromage


I am a broke college student who still attempts to eat healthy. The salad doesn’t necessarily counteract the unhealthy amount of cheese and ham I stuffed in the omelette, but I’m also hungry and it’s only ingredients I got for breakfast. Maybe if I drop out of school and pursue music I’d have more money to spend on food or maybe thats just the bourbon talking.


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  1. Hey I am in a similar situation. Another cheap way to make a full meal is to combine a boiled egg, a boiled potato, and have some rice, mix it all together with a little bit of oil and salt and voila, your cheap, yummy, and hearty meal is served. I don’t think you should drop out of college, especially in this hyper competitive world. Maybe you can develop your music interests during your time off? Start a YouTube channel with your music and that could gain some views as well.

    here is a link for the recipe, in English it means boiled egg and potatoes with rice

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