Pink Atmosphere



This here is a picture of the sky one afternoon on the Livingston Campus. Before taking this picture, I would always see pictures on Instagram or Facebook of a pink sky on this campus on different days.  I always marveled over these pictures, but I never had the opportunity to actually see the sky like this for myself, which was also ironic because I live on the Livingston campus. So while walking to my Chemistry class last semester in Beck Hall, I look up into the sky and saw this beauty. And of course I pulled out my phone, and added this to the collection I already have. I was also having a dreary day, so seeing something like this quickly perked up my mood.



  1. I also live on Livingston and it’s funny how I’ve never noticed the sky when it is such a beautiful color. It just shows that sometimes people don’t slow down and pay attention to the details going on in the background.

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