Take a Closer Look


 My inspiration comes from my last blog post.  I bring your attention back to my humble serenity.  This is a glimpse to take in all of the elements the lake and surrounding area has to offer.  Try and take a close look.  You can’t see the details(maybe squinting your eyes you can see the bridge on the far side).  During my nature walk I have many aspects that most people often don’t notice.  The most intriguing aspects are in the minor details.


The trial begins here.  The sign signifies the beginning of my journey.  I was very lucky with the cold weather lately to be here on a beautiful day.


This pine cone is the first object I noticed.  It’s the little things along the trail that make it so fascinating.  The imperfections might have came from weather damage or even people kicking it as the venture along.


Trees are simple, but life is in the details.  The green symbolizes age and decay of the aging tree.


Although this plant looks simple, there is much more to it.  The closer you look one can see the imperfections of fungus spots growing.  This would not be noticed from a far glance.


As I ventured down the path, it became very windy.  These skinny giants blowing gently in the wind are know as cat tails.  They stand about eight feet tall.


This is the most breathtaking picture I captured.  The reflection of the sun hitting the water defines my whole purpose of taking a closer look.  From a distance it’s impossible to see the ripples of water.  I admire the length of the sun glare and felt very peaceful standing here.


Underneath the water there is much more that meets the eye.


As the sun starts to come down, I am ending the trail.  I noticed this small piece of moss under a log.  The simplicity of this photo makes it so mesmerizing.  There are so many factors that go for granted.  The majority of us would most likely only notice the log, and that would be to avoid tripping over it.  I really enjoy the beam of light peaking in the right hand corner.  It gives the top half of the photo a different contrast.


I’m at the end of the trail but notice geese swimming far away.  This is my final look of my journey.  What I love about nature is all the small imperfections.  Without all the little things, there is noting fascinating about this lake.  Coming here always reminds me that there are supposed to be minor flaws, and in every day life.  What fun would life be if everything was absolutely perfect and flawless.  From far away this place might not seem appealing, but all you have to do is take a closer look.  With some detail, you will see what I see.


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  1. I really enjoyed looking through your photos and reading your descriptive captions. I truly feel happiest and at my best while I am outside observing and admiring my natural surroundings. Your photos captured a certain calmness that only nature can provide; a much needed sensation during this week, which is filled to the brim with exams.

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