Thursday Afternoon

My story begins with a spur of the moment decision to go snowboarding this past Thursday after class.  My fiancé, my sister, and myself packed the car and began our journey to Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ.


When we had arrived we were actually quite surprised how many people were there on a Thursday afternoon around 4:30. This is only one of a few parking lots.


We put on all of our snow gear and unpacked the boards from the car. What I was unaware of when parking was that not only did I park on very uneven ground, but that we were also on a patch of ice which made changing into our snowboarding clothes quite difficult. Nevertheless, we were on our way to the mountain.


As we approached the mountain we were met with a scene of snow and lights. The mountain was lit and ready for an evening of guests.


However, this was my little sister’s first time on a snowboard. Therefore, the first hour or two was spent teaching her the basics and attempting to get her as comfortable as possible on the board. As some of you may know, if you have snowboarded before, is that snowboarding takes some time to learn. It takes time to learn the balance of turning and stopping.


Once we got down the basics and got her a little more comfortable then we were both happy. I was proud and she was happy she finally was progressing. (Her confidence was quite low after the first half hour or so)


After I played teacher for a while, then it was our turn to do a few small runs. I am by no means a snowboarding expert, so we stuck to the smaller slopes due to the lack of visibility from it being dark out.


Here we are on the lift to the top of the hill. That is the main lodge in the background behind us. It’s always so peaceful when you’re on the lift. Just taking a quiet ride to the top.


After we are finished with our runs and were just about ready to get going, we get in one last picture together with the lodge and mountain in the background.


Before the walk back to the car we stop in the lodge to grab some hot chocolate for the ride back home. 


All in all, our spur of the moment decision to go snowboarding led to a short yet enjoyable outing. We got in a few runs down the mountain, my sister got to experience snowboarding for her first time, and gave us an adventure on a Thursday afternoon.  Thanks for looking everyone.



One comment

  1. Your impromptu trip to Mountain Creek sounded and looked amazing! Like your sister, I have never been snowboarding before and am quite envious! Your photos really provided insight on what the total snowboarding experience is like, both for beginners and experienced people like you and your Fiance. My favorite photo is the one with you and your Fiance with the slope and its lights in the background, it really depicts how phenomenal snowboarding can be.

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