How To Get Lucky

My story starts out as any ordinary Monday last semester. I did not go to my Calculus class the week before because I was too busy studying for my other exams. It was during midterms time and I did not have a chance to look at my syllabus as to when my exam was coming up for Calc. I was too busy focusing on other classes and not realizing that there were other important classes to look after as well.

photo 1

I walked into the building and down the steps. I decided earlier that day, to go to office hours thinking that the exam is coming up so I should get in extra study time. As soon as I reached my classroom door, I saw a sign that said, “Calc exam next Tuesday”.

photo 2

Just then I turned to look at the calendar in the classroom, and it showed that it was Monday. The day right before the exam.

photo 1

As soon as I realized my exam was tomorrow, I felt completely defeated in life and decided to go back to my room. I did not know what to do.

photo 4

A couple minutes after I got back, I decided to stop pouting and start studying for the exam the next day.

photo 7

There were many problems that I did not know how to do in the study guide. When this occurred, I took the assistance of my friend Eric who took Calculus in high school.

photo 6

I got so tired of studying that I decided to take a break and play Pokemon. I got so caught up in Pokemon that I lost track of time and it was too late before I realized I could do something about it.

photo 8

At that time desperation broke in and I decided to commit a very foolish act. I chose to make a cheat sheet for my exam the next day.

photo 5

After making the cheat sheet I said, “screw everything” and went to sleep.

  photo 9

My friend Eric found the cheat sheet the next day and got very angry with me. He told me I was stupid and he ripped up the sheet so that I could not cheat.

photo 10

After my friend ripped up the cheat sheet, I decided to just wing the exam and go off of whatever I knew or whatever I studied. I took the exam but it did not feel like it was terribly hard. In fact I even felt like I knew a lot of the stuff, even though I knew was going to fail.

photo 11

After taking the exam I waited for a week and a half to get the results of my exam. When I went on the computer I was very nervous and scared as to what my score was going to be. As I opened up Sakai, it said my score was a 75! I was jumping with joy and beyond excited that I had gotten a C+ on the exam without studying for more than 2 hours. I knew this kind of thing would only happen to me once in a lifetime so I chose not to take it for granted. I made sure after that, that I would study for every exam very carefully and also made sure that I would never do something dumb like make a cheat sheet.



  1. It seems like you have a really supportive friend. Not only did he help you study, but he saved you from possibly being expelled. College is tough, but the most important thing to learn here is time management. I still struggle with it to this day and I’m a senior; hopefully the real world prepares me better.

  2. You let procrastination get the best of you buddy! I wonder why you waited so long to prepare for a Calc exam at Rutgers. I hear it’s notorious for being quite difficult. But, its alright. We all do that as a freshman in college. Life is all about learning from your mistakes!

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