A Friend


A friend helps you study.


A friend makes you laugh .


A friend holds your hand.


A friend celebrates your birthday.


A friend hugs you when you are sad.


A friend makes you laugh when you cry.


A friend does not need to pretend because he or she trusts you to care about his or her feelings.


A friend will not judge you for having a large appetite.


A friend gives you a shoulder when you are tired.


A friend may wanna kiss you because you are so close to each other.


A friend will always be there for you.

These are all the pictures that I took with my friends back in China. The reason why I chose friendship as the topic of my photo essay is my observation of human relationships. In another writing class, Basic Composition, we are reading some articles regarding how technology continues to change ourselves, our relationships with other people, as well as our daily lives, which raises my attention. In one article, Alone Together, the author Sherry Turkle states technology gives us the confusion that we are unsure if we are closer together or further apart when connected online (278). Also, in our creative writing class, we are exploring what digital experience has brought us. Indeed, nowadays, we often play with our phones when our friends are talking to us. In classes, we ignore the interaction with professors and classmates by connecting with friends on Facebook or Twitter with computers. We prefer text than phone calls. We avoid face-to-face conversation by all means. We are lonelier and less intimate with each other than before. Although we cannot blame all these on technology, we  should reconsider the its usage.

Friendship, as all my pictures show, needs physical connection. We have the problem of forming true attachments with others and we keep failing each other. We long for intimacy but we are also afraid of it. In the end, we use the Internet to avoid the problem and protect ourselves from our own vulnerability. Human relationships, especially friendships, are very beautiful things, which all of us need and  desire. However, with technology, we are losing the true value and virtue of friendships. Looking back at the intimate relationships and physical connections we once had with other people before social media, we should spend more time with our friends, pay attention when they are talking, and value the physically interpersonal experiences.



  1. I loved this post! My recent posts have been about friendships because I think it is very important to have relationships and friendships, especially at the point in our lives when we need it the most.

  2. I loved this post! The other post on friendship, I also commented on. Technology and social media has seemed to blur our understanding of friendships and I loved the physical aspect that you included in all of your pictures. Everyone looks like they are truly enjoying each others company!

  3. I really enjoyed this essay.Friendships are very important and did a great job of showing that. You kept a consistent theme throughout and had great visuals

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