A Transformation is Better When You’re Not Alone

My last post reflected my thoughts on what it meant to have a best friend. This new post demonstrates a bunch of girls, just a few of my best friends to be exact, getting ready for a Friday night. This is a time we all cherish, a time that we get to spend together when we are no longer in class, studying or stressing about an assignment that is due the next day.

photo 3

This is Nava Friedman, a freshman at Rutgers who is one of my best friends. Unlike most girls, she is confident in herself without make up fresh out of the shower. She looks forward to the transformation she is about to experience along with her friends, for a fun night on the town.

photo 1 copy

This picture was taken in the midst of Nava getting ready. The girl doing her hair is one of our best friends, Niesha. Nava puts her faith in Niesha to help her do her hair, something they clearly bond over.

photo 1

Nava has undergone her transformation, more beautiful than before. With the help of some of her girlfriends’ closets, makeup and hair expertise, she’s feeling confident and excited to start her weekend.

photo 4

This next picture is of Dorie Porwich, my twin sister. We love that we both go to the same school and can share amazing memories together. This picture was taken before her transformation, before she received a little help from some of her girlfriends.

photo 2 copy

Although her transformation was different than Nava’s, my sister was still just as excited and enjoyed it just as much, if not more. “I love coming to College Ave to get ready with my friends for the beginning of a fun weekend. I don’t live on the same campus as them and our weeks are so hectic. We have the same ritual every Friday. We get dinner together, laugh, share stories of the week and come back to my sister’s dorm to get ready. We jam out and just have girly fun. Everyone deserves an hour or so of girly fun.”

photo 5 copy

This was a candid picture taken by one of my friends while I was getting ready, something I don’t always get to do during the week. My transformation was a little different. When I’m getting ready I like to be in my room by myself, listening to music and spending this time getting ready to myself.

photo 2

Before going out, of course every girl wants to have a photo shoot with her best friend. “I just joined a sorority and I don’t see my friends as often as I’d like between committing to my new group of friends and my school work. Niesha was my first friend I made here and every Friday night reminds me of why I fell in love with her in the first place” – Nava

photo 3 copy

“Our personalities just clicked the first day we met. All we do together is laugh and I truly couldn’t ask for a better best  friend. Friday night is our favorite time together. I’m not at dance and Sammy isn’t in class or at the library. We aren’t ourselves during the week because of the stress and our busy schedules and Friday night is our time to be fun together. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.” — Niesha

photo 4 copy

In our eyes, we aren’t individuals anymore; each of our friends are a part of us. We don’t go a day without talking to each other and we certainly don’t spend a Friday night without each other. We couldn’t bare the idea of having fun or making memories without each other, it just wouldn’t be the same.



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  1. This was a great post! I enjoyed how you really captured a typical night before going out. As girls we often rely so much on our best friends and it’s awesome to see you guys just having a good time!

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