Enjoying While it Lasts

One day you’re a freshman saying goodbye to your mom and dad and awkwardly trying to get to know your roommate. The next thing you know you’re picking your major as you conclude your sophomore year and then, all of a sudden, the realization that you have one year left hits you like a brick wall. Your eyes widen at the fact that this time next year you will be in the part of the world that does not have a Webreg to schedule your life. But while your still have the time in college, it should be appreciated and lived up to its fullest. So this collage is about the main things that have defined my last year as an undergrad thus far, and maybe relatable to other college students as well.

This woman is my hero and I would not be at Rutgers University if it wasn’t for her. As you could probably guess, she is my mom. She’s also in the field I am looking to go into and has been more than helpful in teaching me about the industry and recommended companies to apply to for internships. She always asks how I am and from the beginning to the end of college she’s been there for everything.
Time management has come to be one of the most important skills I possess.
I am now married to my planner- our relationship involves daily notes and starring off accomplished tasks.
This is everything from happy hour with so-and-so to work to when a paper is due.
Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you a trip to Europe after graduation.
And that makes someone like me pretty happy. This is the change I’ve been saving up
in addition to what’s in my savings. I would rather have a graduation present be an experience
over some new electronic, especially since my experience studying abroad changed my life.
Keeping a budget has been an important part of my senior year as it determines whether
or not I go on a spontaneous trip to Atlantic City. Not even going to lie.
Where would anyone be without their friends? Not too far, and probably eating a lot
of meals alone. I posted this photo in my previous post and thought this “selfie” was ideal
to include in this essay because I am with this girl more often than not. Whether it’s catching
up on reality TV or talking about our sorority over drinks, we spend a lot of time together
living in our little house off College Ave. Living with a good roommate is one of the main
reasons I do not want to move home, as there is a certain freedom living with your friends.
This picture resembles one of my  biggest accomplishments of this year and I hope
to keep up my dedicated work. I’ve always struggled with body issues and self esteem
and finally posted my progress picture of losing weight on instagram. Even though I
was so nervous, it’s gotten the most likes out of any picture I’ve posted yet and it’s
one of few times I can say I was proud of myself.
Drinking seems to be a main social activity at Rutgers University, whether
you like it or not. Being a senior means being 21 and going to 2 dollar Tuesdays
down Easton Ave or sipping wine with your friends. Yes I’m aware this is a
class assignment, but I couldn’t truly capture every essence of being a senior
at Rutgers without mentioning it. Cheers!
One of my goals in my sorority was to be pledge mom, and this semester I was voted
to be the mentor for our new members this semester. This is a group of us all and I
couldn’t be happier to help them towards initiation. It will have me graduate the sorority
on a good note and in a way that will help me create many memories.
I am a Communication major and I am constantly in this building as I am finishing up
my major and minor. I hope to continue my education in the School of Communication
and Information by starting a master’s program next year and go to graduate school.
Part of being a senior is starting to know professors better for recommendations and
networking for potential jobs. You must take the initiative to put yourself out there out of
the thousands in the same boat, and have courage to walk into a professor’s office and let
them know what they can do to help you. There is so much this school offers and it is
for the taking as long as you get up and do so. It’s all about the next step!
In order to apply for graduate school, I have to take the GREs and a lot of my time
has been spent preparing for this exam. In fact, probably more time than some exams
and assignments for my classes. It’s very important to me to do well and I think a lot of
seniors are in the same boat of testing for further education in the same way you tested for undergrad.
At the end of the day, while ending college is closing one door, there are so many
new ones that will be opened. This quote solidifies what college is all about,
and the knowledge we gain we take with us down our paths of life. I can only hope
that my path will lead me to success, but in the meantime I am enjoying the rest of my ride here at Rutgers University.

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  1. I definitely agree with a lot of these points. I believe that the people around you are extremely important at college and that constantly being around all of your best friends shouldn’t be taken for granted. Unfortunately it’s true, after senior year your life is no longer determined by your webreg schedule, and that’s why you should enjoy it as much as you can while it lasts.

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