“Hold on, We’re going home”

The trip back home from school  is something every college student loves or hates. For some students going home means being able to see family, friends, dogs, cats, etc., others hate the thought of leaving campus and going back home. Personally, I  always  hated going home. I have several jobs on campus on the weekends so I rarely get the chance to go home. This weekend I had to make that dreadful trip back, home and guess what? I’m actually happy I went home because I enjoyed myself and had fun in my little boring town of Roselle, New Jersey. I always say I hate going home but I actually love it. The only thing I hate about going home is having to take the train because I hate public transportation.

tru 015

It’s pretty hard to leave this bachelor pad of ours but that is what I had to do this weekend.

tru 009

Here is an awesome view of inside the waiting room of the New Brunswick train station. Everyone trying to get the heck out of New Brunswick.

tru 010

This is the golden ticket that takes me back to where it all started for me.(P.S I live in Roselle, New Jersey not Linden but my town is to small to have a train station)

tru 011

Only the strong survive. It was freezing outside and people still decided to wait for the train outside. I took this picture from the inside.

tru 008

Saying goodbye to New Brunswick and it’s over population of people and vehicles.

tru 006

I always get excited when I’m almost home.


 When I arrive to Linden my journey is almost complete but not quite. I still have a 15 minute walk before I get to my destination. After all this traveling I usually go straight to bed and think about what am I going to do the next day.


So after making it home safely and having a great night sleep in my own bed(what’s better then that?) the next day is usually a day i spend with my friends back at home. This picture showcases saturday afternoon ballin’ with the bros. Life is about simplicity. We could easily be doing something else but instead we decided to move all the snow out the way just so we can play basketball because it was a little warm on Saturday. After playing basketball I realized that I needed new basketball sneakers because my old ones are falling apart. Sunday mall trip anyone?


After playing basketball and spending time with my friends I finally have time to myself on Sunday.  Here is a picture of a little Sunday afternoon shopping before I go back to reality of school and all the stress.

tru 007

And then all the fun was over. It’s funny how fast Mondays come back around.



  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I really enjoyed the part where you posted a photo of your train ticket and informed us that your town was too small to have it’s own train station. You also continue to prove this to us by telling us that NB is overpopulated with people and vehicles. I see your connections, very cool!

  2. I am the SAME exact way like you. I dread when I have to go home, but once I’m there it feels like…..well, home. Your roots. So, naturally it’s your comfort zone. Away from all the diversity and vast array of drunkenness abound Rutgers-NB on the weekends.

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