Sisterhood Has No Limits

Every semester my sorority, Sigma Kappa, holds a sisterhood retreat to promote the growth and development of our friendship and values in a fun location. The sisterhood retreat is one of my favorite events of the semester because it is always such a good time. In the past we have done Zumba and self defense classes; this year we went to Rebounderz in Edison, New Jersey and was defiantly a great way to spend my  last sisterhood retreat.

IMG_9581Before the storm of bouncing girls at 10am.

image_1Sisters await the rest of the chapter to start the day on the “field”.

image_2Rebounderz split all the sisters into groups to watch a safety video; the happiest moment was the lack of a helmet.

image_3Some sisters get a quick training and review of the rules from the safety referees.

photo (1)And it begins…

image_4Rachel goes for the gold with her front flips.

image_5Logan and Danielle take their usual game of basketball to the trampolines.

image_6Adele looks very similar to Micheal Jordan in this action shot.


image_9Biological sisters and now chosen sorority sisters jump to send a picture to mom.

Sigma Kappa will be back soon, we had too much fun!


One comment

  1. Cool pictures. This looks so awesome to do, and I’ve always wanted to do this!! Seeing these makes me want try this out even more. I love basketball I’d especially like to try that out the most!!

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