The “Glamorous”/”Easy” Life of a Music Education Major

Most people assume being a music major is an easy college degree, but there is more to what meets their eyes. When it comes to my “typical” day, the hours are long and strenuous both mentally and physically. Right now I am taking twenty-four credits worth of classes and the lowest credit load for a Mason Gross School of the Arts student is usually only eighteen. Here is what this past Friday looked like for me starting from my alarm going off at 6:45 A.M.:

Boarding the Buses

It is 7:30 A.M. and I have already passed the Mason Gross sign (picture above) and am currently awaiting to board a bus to take myself and the Rutgers Symphony Band to an early morning performance.

Arriving at the NJMEA Conference

7:50 A.M. We have arrived at the NJMEA Conference and are lead to a conference room where we will be performing for Music Educators from all over New Jersey.

Morning Performance

8:30 A.M. We have already warmed up and are waiting for the performance to commence.

Theory Class10:55 A.M. My morning performance has already concluded and we have returned to Mason Gross just in time for my second class to begin. My Music Theory IV professor is teaching us how to put pitch integers into normal form.

Master Class

12:35 P.M. After theory, I then headed over to the Nicholas Music Center to watch a master class given by Professor Alan Baer, the Principal Tuba of the New York Philharmonic! Professor Alan Baer is also the Brass Department Chair at Mason Gross.

Lunch On-The-Go

1:55 P.M. I only had five minutes to eat lunch, but hey at least I was not eating while walking!

Watch a Performance

2:00 P.M. I watched the Rutgers Wind Ensemble perform for the 2014 New Jersey All-State Band.

Library 3:oo P.M. To the library I went! This is where I try to catch up on school work as well as look at possible pieces for my brass quintet.

Supporting My Friends

8:oo P.M. I found myself on Livingston Campus to see the Livingston Theater Company’s performance of Hair! I volunteered to help usher Friday night’s performance because I always love supporting musical theater. It was so fun to see some of my friends perform in the pit orchestra!

End of My Day

11:00 P.M. The performance is over and I passed the Mason Gross sign for the last time that day on my way back to my apartment. It is the little things such as passing this sign multiple times a day that many people take for granted, but for me it turns even the worst of days into a better ones.

Sure the hours are long, but for me I do not consider it work because music is something I am truly passionate about.



  1. This is very cool. I never thought music education was that strenuous; I could never take 24 credits in a semester. And a lot of the activities are outside of the classroom, amazing how dedicated you are to music.

  2. I cannot fully say I can understand what it is like to be a music major, but I do have empathy. My ex-girlfriend is a music education major, and her day would be filled with instrument practices, and music theory and history along with education courses. Being a music major is an exhausting field of study. Because your assignments involve analyzing triads and diminished fifth, terms I can’t explain, and final projects are musical recitals that should not stigmatize musical fields of study

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