Writing a love song as a Rutgers Student

I compiled some photos that represent some daily occurrences or  events of my past. These photos help inspire me  in writing a song about love.

photo (11)

Her name is Cherry and we’ve been together for the past six years. There have been times when I played around with other guitars, but I use her whenever I’m finalizing a song.

photo (5)

Just by the way I am clenching my fists you can see how much of a nervous drunk I am when I talk to girls at the bars. Rejection is a common experience here at Rutgers, but similar to playing music, persistence is vital for success.

photo (3)

There’s something about the first girl you fall for that no other girl will ever have. It must be the loss of innocence you lose and the experience you gain that makes her significant from any other. I chose to make this photo black and white to represent how I saw my relationship with her back then. I only saw it my way and what I was in love with, but I should have taken into account what she truly felt about me.

photo (2)

I can end up thinking about the first girl I fell for just by listening to a song we used to sing together. Whether I’m reminiscing over love or imagining my life having a theme song, there is nothing more mundane than listening to music on the Rutgers Bus.

photo (10)I end most of my days in my attic smoking cigarettes and thinking of songs to play on guitar. FYI it’s not weed, smoking hand rolled tobacco is just a habit I picked up when I used to participate with illegal narcotics. There’s something about smoking hand rolled cigarettes over pre-rolled; it’s like the difference between playing an original from a cover.

photo (7)

I feel comfortable saying that we all find our best ideas on the toilet; deep thinking is a great method of emptying your bowels. In this picture I’m thinking of some pop tunes I can cover because they always make for good party favors.

photo (4)

I’ll choose live music any day over going to the clubs; furthermore, you’ll only know if someone’s a good musician until you hear them play live.


I currently dig this band a lot as their musical style is defiantly something I try to emulate as I attempt to compose a song. Most of their songs are about love and the lead singer has a poetic way of hiding how love has affected him; maybe it has something to do with them being French.

photo (6)

It doesn’t matter whether I haven’t seen her in eight hours or a month; she will jump on me with such excitement and unconditional love. Stella helps me realize that no matter what, someone in this world will always love you.

photo (1)

Before this place was a park, me and my brothers used to hang out in that abandoned mansion as kids. Every time I see this place it reminds me how I come from a family of musicians.

photo (9)

Coming up with songs on the spot are always fun, but it’s important to write the ones that stick with you.

photo (12)

After a long day of contemplating past lovers and mistakes, nothing feels more liberating than singing about the people, places and things you currently love. The attic of my house is where I normally practice since it’s the place where I’m least heard among my neighbors.

I hope the arrangement of photos showed you how we are desperately searching for love, but the truth is when we try searching for one night stands at the bars or dwelling in the past, we are looking in the wrong places. Take a few moments of your day to realize those who love you for who you are or who made you the person you currently see yourself as.  I often forget this important lesson and this is what inspires me to write a song.


One comment

  1. This was great! I think sometimes we forget how important music is to us! Tchaikovsky once said “Truly there would be reason to go mad without music!” And he’s completely right. I can’t imagine silence. Also, please write a love song for your dog. She deserves one! xD And do one for our class too? Just kidding. 😛

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