The Ugliness of the Transition

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This is not a very glamorous story, but that’s the point.  This past weekend was the first glimpse of spring of the year.  The winter has been long, cold, and unforgiving, so temperatures in the mid fifties felt incredible.  As ugly as the winter was, however, the transition looks even worse.  Piles of black snow in every corner with accumulated trash, mud, and slush, dead grass, dirt, dead trees, and wet murky sidewalks.  It may have felt nicer outside, but it didn’t look it.  Just like in the changing of seasons, changes in life do not happen immediately.  Bad situations cannot become fixed in a day, and depression cannot be removed easily.  When one is in a rut, he can’t expect it to simply get better.  Every change happens gradually, and every improvement comes with its share a disappointment and ugliness.  It is said that the night is darkest just before dawn.  We should remember that as we struggle through the remaining weeks of bitter cold and chilling winds.  We should also bear this in mind in our day to day lives.  When work piles up, or friends begin to disappear, or a relationship ends, we should always know that a positive transition will take time, hard work, and will look dead and dirty before it transforms to vivacious and immaculate.


And sometimes when you thought you were through the worst of it, it strikes again.  Remain vigilant and persevere!  You can get through any challenge!


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