Community. What does it mean to you?

Communities come in all types, big or small. When coming to Rutgers, you automatically become a scarlet knight, one of the many around the world, making our community larger and stronger everyday. This does not mean other communties do not exist, and this does not mean you cannot form or join your own . Here is a small look into a community called Phi Sigma Pi.


Chelsea J, Treasure, Alpha Theta

What will you take from Phi Sigma Pi after graduating?

Phi Sigma Pi has taught me a lot about how important each individual to the whole of a community, which is an experience that will become very useful beyond college. But even more than that, Phi Sigma Pi has given me a wonderful group of friends who I sincerely hope I will take with me after graduation.


Cara F, Vice President, Alpha Theta

How has Phi Sigma Pi changed you life?

My Brothers have changed my life. It is wonderful to be a part of this national organization as a network of Brothers.


What do you see? To some it may be an empty hallway in Murray. To me and other Brothers, it means going to Chapter on Sundays. It is Brothers preparing for national ceremonies. It means seeing Brothers you may have seen yesterday, or that you saw a week ago. It is a times for laughs, business and everything in between.


Ana L, Recruitment Chair, Alpha Eta

What is your favorite thing about Phi Sigma Pi?

My favorite thing about being a Brother in Phi Sigma Pi is that I am constantly surrounded by a diverse group of individuals that I wouldn’t otherwise know. As a group we set out and accomplish goals.  Most people would tell me “no, Ana that’s not your best idea” when I dream big, but my Brothers are always right there behind me saying, “You know what? Go for it. We’ll even help!” I love my Brotherhood. 


Kelsey M, Initiation Advisor, Alpha Eta

5 words to describe Phi Sigma Pi. Go.

Brotherhood, Fellowship, Self-Discovery, Leadership, Friendship 


In the words of T.J Sullivan, he claims that we are always wearing out letters, and not just the tee-shirts or spirit jersey above. Your not just putting letters on a sweatshirt. You’re putting them in your heart. You’re forever stamping your identity with them.  


Caitlin F, Historian, Alpha Zeta

Why did you become a Brother of Phi Sigma Pi?

I became a member of Phi Sigma Pi to become involved in the Rutgers community, as well as to meet new people. I wanted to find my own small community within the larger Rutgers community. All the Brothers I met were wonderful and  I knew wanted to be a Brother too!


Mary G, President, Alpha Theta

What does community mean to you?

Community means having a group of individuals who support, in both the good times and the bad. This means that I support everyone in the community to.  The Phi Sigma Pi community, both the local and national levels have become my family. Through this organization I have met people from all over the US during National Convention. On the Rutgers level, I always have Brothers around, and I can guarantee I will see them all over campus at some point during the day. It’s the best community.



Karina D, Alpha Zeta

Why have you remained a Brother of Phi Sigma Pi

Being a Brother of Phi Sigma Pi helped me find a place to center myself at Rutgers. As a freshman, I was trying to find a group of people that would make me feel at home among tens of thousands of people. I ended up finding a family. An actual family, complete with love, laughs, and a little dysfunction.


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