Friends at First Sight…Literally

pictureEugina, Grace, Phoebe, Sharon, Angie, Rebecca

First picture taken 8th grade summer- GEE girls performance

Middle picture taken 10th grade winter- SWEET 16

Last picture taken SENIOR YEAR- last meet up before we leave for college

11998-2004: Where 3 out of 6 of us met. Our parents attended the same church and so dropped us off into this room. This room was where we got put into bible study groups for the first time, experienced the joy of being new buddies, and learned about the love of God. We were also forced to be a part of the children’s choir…gosh I hated those stinky yellow robes….which they still have…

anthony2005-2008: Middle School. I found out that Eugina, Grace, Sharon, Rebecca and I would all be attending the same middle school! But this was where things started to get hectic. One by one, each of us started to discover our talents, passions, and morals. We found out the positives about each other as well as the negatives. Which brought us all to…that’s right, you guessed it: DRAMA. I sometimes wondered during the 3 years if we would ever patch things up. Most issues were resolved, but some were not. But we graduated 8th grade knowing that what we had was special and that there were more memories to come…HIGH SCHOOL.  

greenberry2008-2012: High School. This is Greenberry’s. It’s a cute coffee and deli shop right across from my high school. Everyday after the bell rings at 2:16PM, me, Eugina, Rebecca, Sharon, and Grace would rush out from our last period, grab our belongings from our lockers, meet at the parking lot, and walk to Greenberry’s. But nevertheless, no matter how hard our days were, our afternoons would be occupied with endless chatter and sipping of mango smoothies. However, high school wasn’t all fun and games. Together we experienced the stress of SAT’s, boys, back stabbing, and insecurity issues. But that only made our bond stronger.

prom2PROM 2012: We danced the night away in our beautiful dresses. It was our one chance to embrace all our years of tears and happiness and remember the present. But that night sparked a fear in us that we were trying to avoid: COLLEGE.  It was around the corner, so will we be able to survive without each other?

Fotor022602543Graduation 2012: We all studied as hard as we could. Took all the SAT/AP tests we needed. And jumped over every stressful obstacle of college acceptances. We were ready to leave.


Grace- LIM College

Currently Retail Analyst Intern at Christian Dior in NYC. I visited her on her first day of her internship to see what it was like. I couldn’t keep my eyes closed.


Sharon- Pace University

Apart from Sharon being a huge part of my life, I captured a picture of Lily: Sharon’s dog. Ever since we were little, Lily has always been around on our playdates and has given us so much joy. Lily is a great representation of Sharon: soft, lovable, and charismatic. Lily should be part of our best friend group too; she deserves it. Trust me, she has seen the worst.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 1.02.49 AMEugina- Boston University

Because Eugina goes to school in Boston, our only means of communication is through Facebook and mobile device. I am so thankful for this girl because she is the glue to our friendship. Even though she lives the farthest, she never fails to catch up on us and update us with news!

1510555_386752471471112_2145602285_nAngie- BCC

Angie is probably one of the sweetest yet toughest girls I will ever get to know. She is still uncertain about her future though. This picture captures the journey she will take as she experiences new passions and continues to find her true identity. Although all of us are getting older, we still haven’t experienced all of life yet.

4341_119482853760_7749013_nRebecca- Rutgers University

This picture is totally embarrassing for Rebecca…oh well! But I snatched it from her room and took a picture. It captured our moment of rebellion from our parents. Apparently, we had the strictest of parents so to prove a point to our friends, we got a fake henna tattoo from Six Flags. I always take risks with Rebs and I am so glad she came to college with me! 

To sum it all up, 15 years of friendship just doesn’t happen to anyone. I sincerely believe that I was blessed and lucky to have found such amazing and unique friends. We are all so different and we have different dreams. We have clashing personalities that drive us all mad, but I cannot and will not give up the endearing moments and precious times that I have spent with these amazing role models.


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  1. I absolutely loved hearing the story of your friendships from start to finish and knowing that you’re all still so close warms my heart. It’s so rare that a group of girls can stay that close for so long, and I guarantee you that you’ll all be friends for life. I can totally relate, because I am the exact same way with my four best friends from home! I met them all at different walks of life, but all while I was 4 or 5 and we all came together through Girl Scouts and the community swim team. I can agree it’s truly a blessing to have a family like that aside from your nuclear family at home 🙂

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