Nobody’s Perfect

j cole

      On February 7, 2012 the rapper/singer/songwriter J Cole released a single named “Nobody’s Perfect” from his upcoming debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story. This was the third single he released off the album and it quickly grabbed the attention of many across the country. This entire album is ridiculously good but the song “Nobody’s Perfect” has to be my favorite song from the album and one of my favorite songs by him in general. The lyrics of this song stands for a lot of things and also helps one clearly understand what J Cole had to go through to achieve fame.

Verse 1:

This is for all the fans that waited, the bitch niggas that hated
Old hoes we dated, look mama, we made it
Your son out in Barbados, cheese eggs and potatoes
Smokin’ weed on the beach as my mind workin’ like Plato
Analyzin’ the world, fantasizin’ about girls
I’m handin’ diamonds and pearls and vandalizin’ her curls
Sweating her weave out, moans as she breathes out
Fuck I’m doin’ in parties with Hova and Steve Stoute
I step over piranha, death over dishonor
They killin niggas for J’s, that’s death over designer
Hey Cole heatin’ up like that left-over lasagna
Remember when I used to be stressed over Dawana
Now a nigga only textin’ get stressed over Rihannas
I’m talkin’ tens and better, hood bitches in Timbs and sweaters
And we always argue about the same thing
Tell me why we gotta argue about the same thing, same thing?

  In this verse he is clearly talking about how his life changed from the worse to the better. He mentions the fact that he stopped worrying about the little things and even got to the point where he only worries about important people like Rihanna. At one point he even seems surprised when he uses the phrase, “Fuck I’m doing in parties with Hova and Steve Stoute”. He is trying to show this emotion that even he did not expect to come where he is.

Verse 2:

Oh yeah, to my college girl, take the weekend off and come home soon
I graduated way too long ago to be sneakin’ all in your dorm room
But that thing tight like Fort Knox
So I call you when the tour stops
But baby with your roommates, did you make sure the door’s locked?
She love it when we get together
Smoke a little weed but the shit together
Now that I’m on, I can pick and choose
Only fuck with hoes who got shit to lose
Yeah, I heard stories about different dudes
Her man on campus but it’s fine by me
She say she only fucked like 4-5 niggas,
So you know you gotta multiply by 3

   In this verse, it is understandable that he is taking about different girls that he has gotten with. If you look closer into the lyrics, you can see that he is still talking about how far along he has come. “Now that I’m on, I can pick and choose Only fuck with hoes who got shit to lose,” there he is showing that he can now have any girl he wants, unlike his days before.

  The hook is sung by Missy Elliot. What she is trying to show is how the girls chase the guys with the most money. If you think about it, listen just to this part that is played over and over. “Nobody’s perfect ay, but your perfect for me.” One would think, oh she is taking about how much she loves her man and how he is perfect for her. Instead I think she is just trying to show that she thinks he is perfect because he has so much money. Even J Cole’s album title stands out when you hear it. Sideline story is referring to how no one knows about his come up and he is trying to prove it in this album. Honestly I would say this is the best song on the album.




  1. Great song choice. J cole has a good flow to his music. I also like j cole, and we can clearly see what message he portrays in his music. Nobody’s perfect clearly portrays what j cole is all about. Overall I enjoyed reading your blog

  2. I did not know this song but I really enjoy the music video you have posted. I like the song overall, especially the idea that “No one is perfect”. I think money should not be the only thing that we look for. There are certainly many things that money cannot buy.

  3. Good music taste. That is one of my favorite songs as well. Great job, the only thing I would add is maybe a little background on what the song meant to J Cole. Maybe an article or an interview, something that would just help me understand why he said what he said and did what he did because obviously, this was one of his biggest hits.

  4. I absolutely love J.Cole! You explained the verses really well. I would suggest to give a little background history on J. Cole’s history because some people might not know what he started with or why it’s such a shock for a major change. Over all, you picked a great song and described it very well. There are even some things I didn’t notice when I first heard this song.

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