Not Afraid


The lead single on Eminem’s album “Not Afraid” was released.  In 2010 this album Recovery was released.  Not only does Eminem convey a positive message on life, the lyrics sound authentic and genuine.  Eminem along with Boi-1da, Jordan Evans and Matthew Burnett created a song that highlight Eminem’s life change.  Eminem wants his listeners to know he can relate to being in a dark place.   I’ve always been a fan of Eminem.  When he changed his lifestyle and music, this took a tremendous amount of courage to admit his problems. This song inspires me to take a stand for what I believe in, and conquering my fears.

I’m not afraid (I’m not afraid)
To take a stand (to take a stand)
Everybody (everybody)
Come take my hand (come take my hand)
We’ll walk this road together, through the storm
Whatever weather, cold or warm
Just letting you know that you’re not alone
Holler if you feel like you’ve been down the same road (same road)

Listening to this song I truly believe his words and feel inspired.   As he says   “We’ll walk this road together, through the storm,” makes others feel confident.  If he is willing to share his dark times, others can put their faith in his words and conquer their fears.  He quotes “you” when he talks about being clean.  The listener can believe he becomes sober to keep his careering going for his fans.

“And I just can’t keep living this way
So starting today, I’m breaking out of this cage
I’m standing up, I’ma face my demons
I’m manning up, I’ma hold my ground
I’ve had enough, now I’m so fed up
Time to put my life back together right now! (now)

It was my decision to get clean, I did it for me
Admittedly, I probably did it subliminally
For you, so I could come back a brand new me you helped see me through
And don’t even realize what you did, ’cause believe me you

This video was directed by Rich Lee, and made in New York and Newark, New Jersey.  We see Eminem is facing his internal demons.  As the video proceeds, the viewer can see he gains a newfound confidence.  He now shows us he is ready to face his struggles.  He shows he is truly genuine in what he preaches.  Even the best fall, but can picked back up with courage.  He is a spokes person for feeling lost and alone.  His words make me feel as if anything is possible.


On April 26, 2010, Eminem left a message to his twitter fans expressing “I’m not afraid.”  He left no further comment and hinted around that the album would discuss him getting clean off drugs.  Here we see Eminem alone walking down an empty road.  He is ready to venture down the road .  The journey is long, but the walk will be worth it in the end.  This relates to his struggle with drug addictions.  When difficult times come, he will not be afraid.  I believe with all of the struggles of his home life and drug addictions he made such a positive impact on others.  I truly believe his lyrics and sense he whole heartedly can also relate to others with problems in the world.



  1. I absolutely love this song by Eminem. I know he went to rehab and stuff, but I didn’t know that this song was about that. It’s crazy what you learn haha. Anyway this was a great song to pick and I like how you went into detail about the title and the deeper meanings. Excellent job! keep it up.

  2. My only “background” information about Eminem is the movie “8 Mile” so this song is very intriguing to me. I agree with you on how inspirational this song is especially since Eminem showed his true self. The verse that said:

    “No more drama from now on, I promise
    To focus solely on handling my responsibilities as a father
    So I solemnly swear to always treat this roof, like my daughters
    And raise it, you couldn’t lift a single shingle on it!”

    That verse really made me believe this song truly represented how he felt. For me it is always reassuring when an artist such as Eminem admits and or shows that he is a real person who also struggles in life. It is also very interesting that you mention over the course of the song Eminem seems to admit more confidence and courage which I think is awesome (especially since I had not noticed it the first time I watched the link)!

    Here is a link to a clip from the movie I mentioned above:

  3. I like the lyrics and the story behind this song. It conveys positive energy, which is exactly what modern society needs. Now people tend to have very negative attitude towards things, so it is good to listen to a song like this to move forward in life.

  4. It’s a great song and I feel like you make a great point. This song is him confessing to his past and trying to over come all his dark moments. With the help of us, he is able to feel welcomed and not alone. He allows us to feel as if we can conquer all our fears and pasts. If he was able to do it, then we should be able to do it also. Great job putting it together and the small details you add in interesting ways. Definitely made it smooth and easy to read!

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