Lost in the World


Kanye West is one of my favorite artists, an artist who believes his music contributes to our culture and poses as an act of philanthropy. This song was recorded on the album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” describing West’s “rebirth” as he ignores the life he is living and realizes that all of the cars, money and girls don’t really matter.

“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” was released in 2010, with five possible options for the album cover. The art that made the album cover describes Kanye’s wish to “have a ballerina on the cover toasting to the scumbags”. This image along side with the actual image of the album cover, describes the song of “Lost in the World.”


Artist George Condo explains the meaning behind this image as he states, during a recent web chat with West, “All of a sudden, he was gone. The crown was there, the sword was there, but his head had disappeared. You feel his presence but you don’t see him. He’s been somehow reduced to symbols.” He describes this painting as “a variant, like an outtake.”

The song starts off with just a single voice, moving towards a bunch of more voices and instruments and then returning to just a voice. Kanye does an amazing job of eliciting emotion in describing his attitude towards his life. He expresses sorrow towards his fame and gives up. He explains how meaningless his life is in one lyric “lost in this plastic life” and is told by the “choir” within this song to “Run from the lights.” This is a clear indication that he is being told his life isn’t what it is made up to be, the lights of fame. This song is meant to be a catharsis; experiencing the emotional pain and learning how to express it, not promoting to become it. The song ends with “Who will survive in America” describing West’s beliefs on the decline of America. This song is no longer about him, it is now about us.

This song starts off with just a single voice, giving off an isolated and depressed vibe. As the drums start beating and more voices appear on the track, the song becomes more upbeat as you can feel the emotions building up within Kanye as he expresses it to the listeners. I found it very easy to connect to his lyrics, as I have fought a constant battle between my feelings with someone; good and bad.  I have wanted to “run from the lights” although my life isn’t as glamorous as Kanye West’s but I have often wanted to run away and discover something new. This is a song I listen to very often, although it was on an album that came out four years ago.


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