Podcast – “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd

The questionably titled Video Games Podcast discusses Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here,” off the 1975 progressive rock album of the same name.

Listen to the podcast here!

The song and album are primarily about the music industry, detachment and separation as an idea, and former Pink Floyd member Sid Barrett. “Wish You Were Here” sounds like a line spoken from a generic love song singer to a generic love song listener. However, the line is more of a response to a general feeling that someone or someone is missing. It can specifically refer to Syd Barrett, whose mind was permanently altered from extended drug use. At this time in the band’s history, its members felt especially perturbed by the feeling of the absence of others.



Information on Syd Barrett’s death and influence.


Information about the time leading up to the recording of the album.

General information about the band, including some fun facts.


Background information about the song itself.

Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here.” Wish You were Here. Columbia Records 9/12/1975. Compact Disc

In order to determine if that “talking part” is actually part of the song, we consulted the CD version of the album. Because the segment in question was not present on the CD and we do not have access to the original vinyl, our investigation was inconclusive. We also referred to the lyrics included with the CD.

Podcast by Jesse Lucks, Lawrence Kuris, Cassy Vasiliu, and Julien Hunter


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