Internet complications


Love over the internet is becoming a more common practice throughout our society.  The internet is making it much simpler to contact anyone in the world and start bonding with this person.  Although it might seem plausible, there are many risks that come with this new found territory.  I am not a believer in emotional or sexual relationships when there is no body present.  There are many  flaws in this system of meeting someone online.  As Merckle and Richardson suggest popular culture media in recent years increasingly fascinated by online relationships, both those that are successful and particularly those that end in tragedy. Most relationships that start over the media as Merckle and Richardson explain are complicated because pictures aren’t always true.  Catfish is a major example of internet dating that ruins lives.  Catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they are not.  Making a false identity and tricking the other person into believing they are this made up individual.

These reasons lead me to believe a personal relationship cannot be made online.  Anyone can simply copy and paste a picture and pretend to be someone they are not.  There is no face to face interaction.  We as a society need this to convey our opinion of another person.  We connect through real life interaction. You can be anyone and lie over the internet.  It is not full proof and most people as Merkcle and Richardson explain talk “without risk.”

The short film Noah(2013) support my reasoning to deny internet relationships.  We see Noah is so distracting to begin the film.  He starts talking to his girlfriend and shows no interest in her what so ever.  He is playing internet games, and finding images online to act as if he is interested in anything she has to say.  Although they are skyping, the face to face interaction is not there.  The social media in front of him is too much of a distraction to even pay attention to his girlfriend.  To relate an example to my life,  I use social media to talk to others, make plans, or Skype with someone I cannot physically see at the time.  I would much rather go on a date and have the face to face interaction to tell if someone was interested in me.  I believe future generations are doomed to follow in this path of social media interaction.  Most kids just want to add someone they like on FaceBook and interact via text.  It is too readily available for this generation to talk social media rather than real life connection.


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